Andreas Kleiner
Assistant Professor
Arizona State University

Research Fields
Mechanism Design, Voting, Political Economy


Why Voting? A Welfare Analysis [pdf] (with Moritz Drexl), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 10 (3):253-71.

Content-based Agendas and Qualified Majorities in Sequential Voting [pdf] (with Benny Moldovanu), American Economic Review, June 2017, p.

Optimal Private Good Allocation: A Case for a Balanced Budget [pdf] (with Moritz Drexl), Games and Economic Behavior, November 2015, 
p. 169-181 

Working Papers

A Nazi `Killer' Amendment [pdf] (with Benny Moldovanu)

Costly Verification in Collective Decisions [pdf]  (with Albin Erlanson), revise and resubmit at Theoretical Economics

Strong Duality in Monopoly Pricing [pdf] (with Alejandro Manelli), revise and resubmit at Econometrica

An Efficient Dynamic Auction for General Economies with Indivisibilities [pdf] (with Moritz Drexl) 

Preference Intensities in Repeated Collective Decision-Making [pdf] (with Moritz Drexl)