Superedit Text File System

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This extension lets you read and write lines to files, making it easy for you. You can also insert lines, delete lines, add lines to the end, and read and write encrypted lines (using whatever encryption code or DLL you want).

Installation Instructions:
1. Download the extension
2. Install "se4.gex" and enable it (help)
3. Import "se4scripts.gml" into your game
4. Start using it!

All encryption is optional. You can leave out the encrypt? and decrypt? arguments in all the scripts. Even if you use no encryption at all, you still need both encryption scripts (from "se4scripts.gml") in your game for it to run.

You can modify the encryption scripts and give it your own powerful encryption as long as it returns argument0 when argument1 = 0 and returns the encrypted string when argument1 = 1.
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