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This extension allows you to create AI command stacks with minimal effort. What's a command stack? Let's say you tell your AI this: "Go to that point (if you see anyone along the way kill them) and bring me that gem." To make this happen without a command stack would require some major effort and a lot of inflexible coding. With a command stack, you can tell the AI "execute script Move to Point". In script "Move to Point", if an enemy is seen it adds a command to the stack: "execute script Attack Enemy". When done attacking, the Attack Enemy script is removed from the stack and the Move to Point is resumed. The possibilities are endless. You could set up a patrol pattern for units in an RTS, a fighting system for a boss in a platform game, or intelligent decision making for a TDS.

It only has 5 scripts and is very easy to use.

I did not copy this from icuurd12b42. I started working on this when I couldn't figure out how to use icuurd12b42's version, and it is made completely from scratch.

READ THE HELP FILE! It contains detailed instructions and example code.

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