Advanced Gesture Recognition System Update


If you don't know what the Advanced Gesture Recognition System is, go here and check it out.

Here's the scoop on what 6 will contain:

The Good News:

First off, the new functions.  There will be a lot.  Functions to import and export shapes, functions to look for individual gestures, functions to check for partial matches, functions to rotate, mirror, replace individual points, create shapes from paths, copy shapes, reverse shapes, delete shapes.  Lots of functions.  I'll also be providing a way of tweaking some options to make it run faster.

I've also optimized the comparison scripts.  A lot.  Start/Stop should run about 4 times faster than it did (if I make some more changes...)

Realtime recognition is currently working!  See the bad news before you start jumping up and down with joy.

The Bad News: 

There are still some major bugs to work out with realtime. The main one is getting my partial match algorithm to distinguish between random mouse movement and ordered shapes.  That's hard enough, but I also have to keep the FPS at a solid 60.  After I figure those problems out, I'll have to come up with a trimming algorithm that will keep the captures down to a manageable level.  Realtime will also use about twice the number of data structures as Start/Stop.

"Why did he lie to us and say the realtime is working?"  Good question.  It works, but not well enough to use in a game.  You can easily get the FPS down to single digits by franticly waving the mouse around.  To top that off, it won't let you finish drawing the shape.  It determines the shape is a match before you can finish drawing it (you can only draw 3.5 sides of a square, for example).

Don't expect a release for some time.  I'm taking a C++ class this semester, so I might be able to make it into a DLL, solving some problems.  Earliest time you can hope for is early April.  I probably won't even work on it again until after Robotics season is over (late March if we make nationals).  In the meantime, check out the current version.

A screenshot of the latest version being tested