Welcome to my site!  This is an index of my programming adventures, which mostly features the work I've done with Game Maker, a free game creation utility.  Most of the stuff I've done requires the registered version.


(January 28, 10) I've decided to move to a blog.  I really hate the work that goes in to maintaining this website; moving to a blog will let me post updates whenever I want (read: more frequently) with less hassle.  Also, Google's transfer of this page from Pages to Sites messed up some of the pages, and I don't feel like fixing them.  I'm going to leave this page up as an archive, but I doubt I'll update it anymore.

(July 31, 09) Dynamic Branching Dialog

(June 1, 09) No ads.  I decided it was too much of a hassle, and wouldn't be worth much anyway.  New stuff: GML in Notepad++

(May 14, 09) Privacy Policy page posted!  (Say that 10 times fast.)  I'm trying to put some ads on this site, so I had to post a Privacy Policy.  I'm a starving college student, and since all my stuff is free, why shouldn't I get some form of compensation?  Send any questions/comments/complaints to andykbf@gmail.com.

(Feb 24, 09) Fixed a bug in AI that made it go into an infinite loop in some situations.

(Feb 18, 09) Table Data Structure lets you store information in 2d.

(Feb 15, 09) Increased INI DLL's string buffer.  You can now read strings up to 31999 characters long.

(Aug 9, 08) Fixed a bug in INI DLL.

(May 13, 08) INI DLL lets you edit multiple ini files at once, is a little bit faster than Game Maker's ini functions, and can edit ini files outside the working directory.  External INI is now deprecated (truth be told, it didn't work as well as it should have.)

I haven't worked on TTE in weeks.  If you would like to see it finished, post on the GMC topic.

(Apr 20, 08) collision_sprite

(Apr 15, 08) Suggestions for GM's Future

(Apr 5, 08) Looking for some original real-time strategy ideas?  Look no further.

(Mar 31, 08) Robotics season is over!  You can see videos of my team competing here.  I'm one of the two software members on team 1756, the one with the yellow scissor lift.  If you look closely, you'll see that our robot can move sideways.  Nice, huh?

(Mar 14, 08) Released the source for Advanced Gesture Recognition System.  I actually released it a while ago, but I never got around to posting it here.  Be sure to read the license.  The source is included in the GMBase download.

(Feb 25, 08) Updated ds_boxIt can now store grids and boxes!  Time Travel Extension is moving along slowly.  I need to update ds_box one more time to make saving/loading really easy before I can finish up TTE.

(Feb 13, 08) Added a new extension, ds_boxWork on Time Travel Extension's third rewrite has begun.

(Jan 13, 08) Added a beta version of my Time Travel Extension

(Jan 11, 08) Added a new project to In the Works

(Jan 10, 08) Added info about the projects I'm working on.