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Speaker Series

Andy Hall will kick off the speaker series by on why he uses solar power in his art.  His talk will be the first in a series of talks that will run during the course of the exhibition, which ends October 8.  Other speakers include Paula Thomas, City of Raleigh sustainability director, and Steve Kalland, executive director of the N.C. Solar Center.

Speaker biographies

Andy Hall, Artist
Hall will speak on June 16th about why he uses solar power in his art.

Paula Thomas, Director of Sustainability, City of Raleigh
Thomas will speak about what steps Raleigh has taken to become a sustainable city, and how citizens can get more involved with the City's Energy education programs.

Isaac Panzarella, Clean Power & Efficiency Manager, North Carolina Solar Center
Panzarella will speak about how North Carolina is an emerging leader in the clean energy revolution, and how this came to be. He will also talk about where North Carolina is as far as clean energy policy and how citizens can become more involved in growing North Carolina's energy future.