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AndyGo Idea Generator App Released!
enerate new ideas by randomly combining words grouped in categories. Add your own words or categories. Lock specific words and generate ideas around them. 
Email your idea or save and email your list of ideas. Include notes when saving ...(more here).

AndyGo Time Tracker App Released! 

We have released the AndyGo Time Tracker application to the Android Market. The App helps you m

anage clients, projects and time entries. It also tracks your time against project tasks among other things. An exciting feature is the ability to export your data directly to a spreadsheet to your Google Documents to access it online. The App is primarily written for lawyers and consultants, but can be used by anyone to track time used for billing. 

Clients: Client management is integrated with the Android Contact Manager. The app leverages Android built in contact management and Google contacts making it easy to add clients.

Projects: the Projects button creates projects and ties them to a Client. 

Time Entry: after a Client and a Project have been set up, you can record time directly against the Project, or use the Timer function.

Settings: The Settings button gives the ability to add or update Task and Billing types in addition to the built in ones.

Export Data: Eliminates double-entry. Let's you export the data you enter in your phone to your Google Documents which you can access through your Google Gmail account. See more below.

Help: Instructions on getting started are available right on the phone!

Add a client:
Clients are integrated with phone contacts. You can select a contact to become a client with a click of a button.

Add a Project: Projects are tied to Clients.

Add Time Entries: Record time spent on projects. Note that you can add more Tasks from the Settings page. Repeated tasks can easily be added to the list to make data entry efficient.

Timer: Set the Timer when starting a task, and log when done.

Save your data to the Cloud from your phone, and access it online:  

The Export function requires a Google Gmail account. Once you allow it to access your Google account online, the App exports your data to your Google Documents as a new Spreadsheet. Once there, you can view and share the data freely without a need to pay third parties to host your data for you. You are free to integrate the data into other third party applications for billing and reporting. 

Note that the App does not store your Google credentials.

Nutrition Gini app released!

We have released the Nutrition Gini application to the Android Market. The App makes it possible to look up food nutritional information where-ever, when-ever on your Android phone without the need to access the internet.
In addition to information on calorie count, fat, protein, vitamins, etc., the App helps you make a list of the foods you plan to eat to track total calories in your diet, and notifies you if you exceed your calorie goal. You can share your plan with others using email. Another interesting feature is called "Burn it!" which lets you pick an exercise and, based on your weight, can tell you how much of that exercise will burn the calories in the food you have selected.

Here is more details on the App:

Instantly access nutritional information on more than 7000 food products from all food groups including fruits, fast foods, drinks, etc. 

Drill into food products by category or using search.

Get nutrition facts such as calorie count, fat, protein, sugar, vitamins, etc.

Choose different serving sizes.

Set a calorie goal for your nutrition plan.

Add foods to your plan and track calorie consumption.

Get prompted if your plan goes over your calorie goal.

Email your plan to share with your nutritionist or your friends to keep you honest! :)

Look up how much exercise is needed to burn the calories for each food product.

Select from different work outs such as running, weigh lifting, aerobics, biking, etc.

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