Henry, W6REK who has really taken to QRSS, provided some amusement by transmitting a TV style test card on QRSS. Henry has been a keen supporter of QRSS, and along with AA7US and OK1FCX, has provided some interesting and original QRSS transmissions during 2018/9 so far. Here's a few grabs of Henry and his "test cards". If you have difficulty viewing them, please save the graphics and view separately. This is great QRSS entertainment ! Grabs courtesy of WA5DJJ, W4HBK, G0MQW and WD4ELG. I hope you enjoy them, and maybe take a look at the general TV test card history and photo collection links provided at the end of the page. Later on came the 5 bit Baudot code transmission shown below, representing some old punched paper tape. a decoding chart below is used to decode W6REK CM97.


Henry W6REK writes:-

Transmission was 5W with Icom IC-7100, USB input cable and USB-Data radio mode. Linux laptop running my own qrss-squeak software. It took an hour with 8 CPUs each at about 74% utilization) to generate the sound file (16-bit mono PCM).In effect, I used 600 sine wave oscillators for the vertical dimension (1000 Hz to 1120 Hz, so 120 Hz final bandwidth), and 800 time elements 0.6 sec long for the horizontal. Also used raised-cosine shaping on the envelopes. The software is here: https://github.com/strickyak/qrss-squeak/tree/master/marimba (marimba is the "mode") (It actually models as Morse code "e" and " " at various lengths to draw the image, in 600 frequency stripes.) The input image is based on a Public Domain work but I erased the Indian Head and inserted "CM97" "W6REK" (using Gimp). Notice the reception is vertically-challenged. The vertical strokes in M, R, E, and K do not transmit well, because it's too many little tones at once.

The original test card pattern used by Henry is shown below. This has been modified from the original RCA test pattern used in America since 1939. Also a Youtube link here.

And now, the OK1FCX files...


And then Ringo Starr and his yellow submarine came hunting for Jaws...

Keep 'em coming !

Interesting links.

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