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Storyboards and Animatics

Cartoonist and storyboard artist Alex Toth offers an alternate
history. He suggests that the pioneering, animator, and cartoonist
Winsor McCay created the storyboard. He postulates that he must
have in order to have gotten the job done on his movies like Gertie
the Dinosaur.Toth describes the function of storyboards:
Alfred Hitchcock, Delmar Daves, doted on their use to solve all or most
continuity problems up front, on paper, in a storyboard. “ If it won’t
work there, it won’t work on film ” was, I believe, Hitchcock’s quote! He
boarded every film he directed, to order. Still, he was in the minority.
Be it small-budgeted “ 10-day wonder ” or mega-million-dollar epic, it is
expedient, on all counts, to board the continuity—since it is where typewritten
script meets “ picture ” for the first time—and, given a seasoned
and savvy pro storyboard artist to interpret that script, is where that
script is wrung-out, test-flown, til it cracks/breaks or flies beautifully
on its first, maiden flight—right into production’s hangar!


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