• Won a Digital Education Revolution grant for $246,000
  • New projects include Ninja jamm http://www.ninjajamm.com/
  • Modular analogue synth experiments
  • Invited to become series editor of the Meaningful music Making series for CSP
  • Four research publications
  • Stoutfinger No.1 Album Release http://stoutfinger.bandcamp.com/


  • I have a new job as Senior youth worker & Studio manager http://youthplus.edu.au/
  • New projects include building a new studio
  • Mastering for Dubstep and Soundtracks
  • Invitation to present at QSA and to publish


DIScoveringABILITIES Project: -

The project provided a system for interactive music therapy performance experiences for young Australians with Down Syndrome in urban and remote locations. It facilitates interactive participatory performances and exhibition of concert recordings over the Internet.

IMP 100 Songs in 100 Hours (http://www.facebook.com/IndependentMusicProject)

I sound engineered these and several other commercial releases in four hours each (Gasworks Studios, QUT)

Abe & Issac
MASSAI – Mr Delphian EP


Dirty, catchy goodness

Brisbane locals Massai deliver a punchy EP with hooks aplenty. The group’s second release kicks off with the catchy Sail Away, beginning with a faux-religious spoken word introduction before rolling into a straight-up indie rock track. The EP contains a few of these more formulaic tracks, which is not necessarily a bad thing, as there is definitely nothing wrong with the catchy formula. Unfortunately when balanced up against the more dirty and rollicking songs, they don’t stand out quite as much. The highlight of the release, Abe And Isaac, definitely comes from the latter category with its dirty southern-tinged guitar and lyricism. Closing song Hey Cuba Let’s Talk is another great track that places itself on the dirtier side and is far more interesting for it. Mr Delphian as a whole is a solid EP with some very memorable songs.


IMP Labs - Artists - The Jungle Giant

2010: Research

Editor of an academic book titled "Songs of Resilience" http://songsofresilience.wikispaces.com/

Designer of a Social Media Assessment Model for disengaged youth http://workspace.edu.au

2009: Research

  • I have a new job as Post-Doctoral Research Fellow: Music and Sound at QUT's Creative Industry Faculty
  • New projects include research for the Independent Music Project's (IMP) Culture Lab
  • 3rd place in the QUT Bluebox - Ideas Competition
  • Characterising creativity in musical performances 

2008: Education

  • Research Fellow Secondment at QUT's Centre for Learning Innovation – Project Manager for an ARC Linkage Project.  
  • Mobile PA/Recording Facility. To build and maintain a mobile PA/Recording facility to industry standards as a social enterprise
  • Music Production work for Fire Driver (Punk), Mila Arts (African Drummers)
  • Continued provision of Cubase tutition 
  • Moved to the Mountains, where I built a new project studio  

2007: Education

  • Instigator of an ARC funding application. Project manager for an innovative three year research project titledSustainable Selves: A New Assessment Model for Marginalised Secondary Students (current project)
  • Attended The Understanding of Music Seminar™ Series. The History of Western Music. Able to deliver instructional music classes on the history of Western music using the intervallic methodology of Duncan R. Lorien™
  • I have a new job for the Network of Flexible Learning Centres. I'm still managing the studio at Centre Education, but also delivering multi-media solutions to projects throughout South East Queensland.
  • New Adobe Photoshop workshops at Centre Education. With a focus on stop-motion animation, students are starting the arduous mission of creating 30 second film clips.
  • Four of our Music Industry (Cert. III) students have bolstered the studio team this year by offering their services as volunteers.
  • Research project to pilot new ways of reporting young people's school progress. By focusing upon young people's acquisition of various forms of capital (cultural, social, symbolic etc.) we gather data across the FLC network using a video interview format. These qualitative student "reflections on progress" will then be subjected to discourse analysis and cross-referenced with school standardised test scores.

2006: Music

  • The "Stoutfinger No.1 stolen demos" CD was released late in 2006.
  • The Centre Education Programme worked with YFS Logan to deliver successful Hip-Hop Workshops. This project produced an excellent collaborative CD called "Gang-Green - Spontaneous Eruptions".
  • The first three VET students passed their Cert. II Music Industry course.
  • SMS Research Project. Analysis of young people's on line survey regarding their use of mobile phones.
  • The studio welcomes Sam Grace to the teaching team. Sam comes to us with a great deal of experience in hip hop and sound for film productions (see http://www.theoptimen.com/ ) for more info about Sam's own work.


  • Development of interactive on-line tutorials for Cubase SX (music production software)
  • On-line consultation services regarding technical aspects of digital music production. With the recent explosion of remote applications such as logmein.com I can now offer on-line support with a range of audio applications.
  • Two DVD projects with students from Centre Education Programme. Funded via BP Education grants
  • Mastering of AMRAP Skatrek Dub, Regge, Ska CD compilation of unsigned Australian talent. See http://www.skatrek.com/ for comprehensive MP3 track listing.


  • University of Queensland, Centre for Cultural & Critical Studies - Qualitative and quantitative research regarding young people's informal education projects. Current project: on-line identity projects and new literacy practices.
  • University of Queensland, Department of Education - Qualitative research regarding education policy and practice within a flexible learning centre.
  • James Cook University, Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Sciences - Internationally published literature review defining the "totally disengaged"
  • EIDOS Academic Peer Reviewer
  • Journal of Critical Discourse Studies Academic Peer Reviewer


  • The Centre Education Programme

Qualitative research regarding young people's informal education projects. Studio Manager. Multi-media tutor. Senior administrator. Responsible for staff training, accreditation, enrollment and budgets.


  • Centre for Local Policy Studies (CLPS), Edge Hill College of Higher Education
  • The Community Development Foundation (CDF)
  • Centre for HIV and Sexual Health (CHIVSE) Trust funded by NHS

1998 - 2003: 

  • SOVA. The Sheffield Young People's Sexual Health Peer Research Project
  • Qualitative Data Analysis Software development

1998 - 99: Social Policy Lecturer

  • Sheffield Hallam University: School of Health & Community Studies

1998 - 2003: Disability Support & Supervision

  • Sheffield Hallam University: Student support services

1997 - 2003: Qualitative Social research

  • Sheffield Hallam University, School of Health & Community Studies

1995 - 2002: Youth & Community Development

  • Derbyshire County Council Youth service
  • Sheffield City Council, Herdings Youth Centre

1995: Founding member, treasurer & co-ordinator of a non-profit organisation

  • The Music Making Movement