Twilight Spaghetti Theatre

Be the show you always wanted to see.


    In 2008 there was a general feeling amongst camp members that our camp as grown to a level where we needed to be-active members of the community and form a means for radical participation performance artwork. After many late nights we have come up with a plan to achieve this goal. On this note we are proud to announce:

 The slumber marshals presents:


We will feed for entertainment.

     The basic premise comes from the following theorems. We want to be entertained by Burners. Burners want to be dined between sunset and dusk. Additionally, it has been proven that spaghetti both attracts large crowds at burning man and that it is cheap and easy to produce. These theory's have been empirically proven by our team of crack scientist in the research department.

Thus it follows logically that if we provide a stage, seating, and spaghetti the performing public will arrive. With the promise of being feed they will, perhaps even against their better judgment, put on; plays, skits, and even musical interludes for our pleasure and the greater community benefit.

This is the most ambitious exercise our camp has ever taken on. It may prove to be one of the most rewarding events on the playa in 2009. Many of the planning elements are already in the works. See the blog for details