Slumber Marshals

Where we play out waking dreams.

    The Slumber Marshals are group of burning man participants.  Our theme camp for 2008 will explore issues surrounding spontaneous community.


Planning for Burning Man 2008!

    We are building kitchen and some lighting fixtures and an ice water bar and some sort of podium stage thinger doodade yup... and yeah... No dome this year.  We're thinking about sensory Isolation tankes for 2009!!!

Theme Camp Projects: 


If you are new to burningman....


Burningman is a very radical environment with many dangers, you can die there if you are not prepared!
Caravan of Awesomeness!
Everybody carpool: now grab your road trip partners by the wheel and pay for gas without owner of the car having to ask you for it. 
Email someone in the camp for more information about carpooling to and from the event and commonly agreed upon departure times. 

     Ice Water bar

     Beat the heat with ice water. Mmmm ice cold water from the ice water bar.

     Operation Rolling Slumber

     It will come fast and knock you out!

    Nightmare Debate of fever dreams:

The stage will be set for the great debate of what are the problems of our waking. How to wake from blind slumber and come to terms with the horror we have seen in our dreams. Come and share your thoughts about the old american nightmare and your vision for the world you'll be sleeping in.

     Illuminating Nocturnal visions.

From above, light will shine always. From the nucleus of each dome, laying bare what is before our eyes when we have turned our backs to the sun. Night Lights

 Community Projects:

    The Songs of Slumber

Sing, play music tell us the poetry you have heard in your dreamy mind and lull us all into your dreams at the slumber marshals dream stage.

    Pump Up Boys Service Station

Same place and time. Felling saggy and deflated? We'll be there happy to help keep you rolling through the mass. We'll be offering critical inflating maintenance to our most titillating customers.

 Slumber Marshals is a registered theme camp of the burning man project

For more information about the slumber marshals 2008 email andybot(at)gmail

 2007 Theme Camp 

There are many components to our plan for a theme camp; an area for personal tents and sleeping, an area for the vehicals which a bringing us to the event, a kitchen area for feeding us with gray water containers, and area for bicycle parking out front.  The slumber marshals will also be providing some unique structures where we will be exploring innovative architectural models and platforms which allow for rest and relaxation.  Our main structure will be a 25ft diameter 3 phase geodesic dome.  The interior of the dome will have several layers of tensioned canvas platforms(imagine large taught hammocks hanging from 5 or more points) for lounging and sleeping.  There will also be two 20 ft tall tents wrapped in canvas inspired by native American tee pees .  These tee pee style tents will have three stories (ground floor, first floor and crows nest.) Each level will be able to support the wait of participants as the lounge and enjoy the day and experience the structure.


Slumber Marshals will be officially registered as a theme camp at burning man this year.  So look us up and swing by our plot on the playa for some relaxation and low drama company!


    A sketch of the theme camp floor plan.  The bottom and right hand sides are the streets. The dome and tee pee towers are near the street and in the prominent view. Behind the main attractions will be the kitchen and residential areas.  Lastly  vehicles will be parked away from the street in the back of the camp. 



History of the group

The core group of the slumber marshals consists of 10 members who are all burning man veterans.  The members have participated over the years in the following;

    -Engineering advising for sculptures with Instinct 2006, 2007

    -Unregistered camp with dome BM 2005

    -Assorted freak bicycle projects 2001, 2004, 2005

    -Volunteering for the DPW 2004,  

    -Working a paper boy route for the black rock gazette 2004, 

    -Running a bicycle repair shop 2004.


The Amazing Flying Broomcycle! a project by Ben Sanders 

In spring 2006 Ben sanders of the slumber marshals brought to realization his vision of a broomcycle.  The broomcycle is a brilliantly conceived invention which replaces the handle bars of bicycle with a linkage connecting to a hand carved broom stick.  The user swings the broomstick left to right and to steer left to right. The result is a fluid seamless movement of rider and machine so gracesful and elegant everyone who see's it is stunned by it's elegant surreal motion.


Outside of Burning man

The group has also thrown several parties and social activities over the years including monthly guerrilla  movie nights in the south bay and a few beach parties.
Slumber Marshals expect a population of 25-30 participants in 2007 at burning man with room for more people to join.

from: 21 On The Beach-  The slumber marshals organized a three day party on the beach in Jan 2006 with a heated dome and live rock'n-roll played through a 1000 watt sound system and party lighting powered by a generator. Outside of the dome was a bonfire. 

 For New Members!

This section is for those of you who will be joing us for the first time.  Some of you have never been to burning man before and we would like to refer you to the following information.

Some essential reading includes what is burning man and The official burning man survival guid

For more information about the slumber marshals email andybot(at)gmail.

Work Sessions!


The Slumber Marshals have started to have work sessions. 

 Here are the photos of what we've been up to!

 Other Events!

We have also created two events in the what where when one displaying our support for the CT ride and the other, named operation rolling slumber, will be something the playa has never seen before!