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Leather Bottom Slipper Socks

leather bottom slipper socks
    slipper socks
  • (slipper sock) Casual in the house or bedtime sock that usually has a bonded sole of rubber, leather or extra cushioning or padding on the bottom. This sole can be bonded, sewn or heat transferred to the knitted sock.
  • A thick sock, typically with a leather or vinyl sole, for use as a slipper
  • A slipper or houseshoe is a semi-closed type of indoor footwear, consisting of a sole held to the wearer's foot by a strap running over (or between) the toes or instep. Slippers are soft and lightweight compared to other types of footwear.
  • A material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process
  • Leather is a durable and flexible material created via the tanning of putrescible animal rawhide and skin, primarily cattlehide. It can be produced through different manufacturing processes, ranging from cottage industry to heavy industry.
  • A piece of leather as a polishing cloth
  • A thing made of leather, in particular
  • an animal skin made smooth and flexible by removing the hair and then tanning
  • whip with a leather strap
  • The lowest point or part
  • The lower surface of something
  • the lower side of anything
  • The part on which a thing rests; the underside
  • provide with a bottom or a seat; "bottom the chairs"
  • the lowest part of anything; "they started at the bottom of the hill"

CO yarn in a purple colorway for niecely calorimetry. Leather palms for knit gloves (probably I will knit the gloves from that wonderful possum yarn from New Zealand), 2 20-inch addi's for the knitting of hats in size 6 and 7, one super teensy crochet hook a few sizes smaller than my smallest one and a pair of ginormous slipper bottoms for a new pair of Log Cabin socks for Jason. Bought at Shuttles Spindles and Skeins in Boulder CO

leather bottom slipper socks
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