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Here you cand find my research interests, bookmarks and resources.

Agile Development

          My research interests in my Master Degree in Computer Science is Agile Development and Software Testing. I study software testing in the context of agile development and how to use code coverage tools (in my case JaBUTI - Java Bytecode Understanding and Testing) and other metrics to improve the agile testing process.

Topics (Interests in Agile Development)

  • Agile Testing Process (TDD and Acceptance Testing)
  • Tradicional Software Testing: Unit Testing, Functional and Structural Testing.
  • Quality and Metrics in Agile Development
  • Testing Tools (especially Code Coverage Tools and Metric Tools)
  • Planning, Estimating and Project Management of Agile Projects (especially Requirements Engineering) 

Topics (Interests in Software Engineering - SE)

  •  Software Testing, Requirements Engineering, Experimental SE and Software Quality

Groups/People (Research on Agile Development)

  • People 

Research Friends
  • Software Engineering Laboratory (LabES - ICMC)

Resources / Links (Agile Development)

“… agility and rigor not only can complement each other -- they should. As a matter of fact, agility without rigor is chaos. … The debate about rigor versus agility should not be about the choice between them, but rather about creating methods and guidelines for merging 'just enough' of both.” Larissa Moss, “Business Intelligence Methodologies: Agile With Rigor?”, Cutter IT Journal, Vol. 14 No. 12

Events / Conferences 

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