What is going on?

Here are some hints in case you want to try your hand at seeing what this thing is all about.

The hints are ordered so that you can read them one by one and try to build on each of them before resorting to the next, so they are not immediately visible. As I am too lazy to make something fancier, the hints are just written with white on white - just select with your mouse the (apparently) empty area after each heading and they will appear.

Hint group one: recovering the message

Hint #1

The file name should give you an idea of what the file is.

Hint #2

The message is encoded to aid transmission.

Hint #3

Look very carefully at the file contents. Remember, space is a premium, so try to go for the smallest possible elements.

Hint #4

The file is written left to right, at every level. Use binary.

Hint #5

If you don't see a strong periodic structure (look for repeats), you did something wrong.

Hint #6

If you had to listen to the file, how many elements, and kinds of elements, would you find?

Hint #7

Your end result will be another binary message.

Hint #8

The recovered binary message is 2717 bits long.

Hint group two: making some sense of the message

Hint #8

Haven't you seen this kind of thing before?

Hint #9

Yes. Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arecibo_message . With a twist. 

Hint #10

Erathostenes is your friend.

Hint #11

What else has three sizes?

Hint #12

You want right angles.

Hint #13

Break it at the right places and it will all ring.

Hint #14

To finish the riddle, you'll need to stack 11 layers, one over another, and find a way to view them.

Hint #15

You want to boldly go to a galaxy far, far away, where no man has gone before.