My BBG 1k challenge contender

by Andvaranaut

This is my contender to Boing Boing Gadget's Seagate-sponsored 1K contest, which can basically be defined as "get the most cool that you can in 1 kb worth of space":

Download file

The file is exactly 1 kb long. I challenge you to try and find what it is. If you want to try your hand, you may find some (lame) help in the Hints page.

I will publish the solution in a few days (when I have the time to build a nice explanation page), although I do expect somebody to break it before (it is not THAT hard...). Just be nice and don't spill the beans yet ;) Update: the explanation and rationale has been posted here.

My email address is what is before "googlepages" at the URL, plus " (at)".

Good luck!