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August 17, 2016
The new prototype of the Robotic Gait Rehabilitation Trainer (R-LAD) gives Physical Therapists the power to facilitate leg motion (knee flexion and leg swing) in stroke patients, with only a push of a button (thumb switch), while administering over-ground gait training.  Video:

YouTube Video

February 22, 2016
AndrosRobotics places 3rd (out of 664 int'l entries) in the Robotics for Good competition in Dubai.  Read about the finalists here.

Video recap of the 10 semi-finalists:

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The Technology

R-LAD in Action

The Company


AndrosRobotics LLC is a spinoff company from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.  We are developing our first product, the Robotic Leg Advancement Device (R-LAD), with funds from the National Science Foundation (SBIR/STTR program), and from an industrial partner.

The Problem

Our technological solution addresses the problem of manual labor necessary to administer gait training to neurological patients, and the associated high cost.  We believe that the scale of this problem is big enough to warrant a technological solution, because every year there are almost 800,000 cases of stroke in the U.S. alone (and 33,000,000 world-wide), and about half of the stroke victims could benefit from our product.

Oftentimes  2 or 3 physical therapists and aides are needed to work with just one patient, but the private insurance companies and government insurance programs (Medicare/Medicaid) reimburse the medical facilities for the time of only 1 physical therapist.  The result is high cost to the medical facility and/or diminished chance of improvement in walking ability.  Another major issue with performing this work manually is the possibility of therapist incurring physical injury.

Gait training 'over the ground' as opposed to 'over the treadmill' is more increasingly viewed as the one giving better results.

The Solution

The R-LAD is an accessory which is fitted onto stationary and wheeled frames that medical facilities already own.  Once the equipment is outfitted with the R-LAD, just one physical therapist can administer similar, intensive gait training, and it can be performed over the treadmill or over the ground.

Robotic Leg Advancement Device (R-LAD) sits on a medical walker (for patient's safety, support and comfort).  The R-LAD drives the patient's weak leg through the gait cycle so that only one physical therapist can administer intensive gait training over the ground in the clinical setting.

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