Bug Reports

Known Issues

  • Cannot scroll side bar
  • Cannot input text but delete text (Android 4.2)
  • Cannot input input accents as other application
  • Stuck shift key
  • Not inserting space automatically with Swype
  • Crashing with copying and pasting or not working
  • Cannot set JDBC drivers
  • Missing New menu
  • Cannot save as dbf file format
  • Invalid slideshow displaying by rotating
  • Cannot input at start
  • Cannot copy with scrolling
  • Can not open documents from main storage
  • Can not start without SD card
  • Not working with FSKAREN
  • Can not set classpath java libraries in order to run Base
  • Cannot input texts repeatedly in Calc
  • Video does not play in Presentation
  • Cannot open URL link in PowerPoint
  • Not working with External Key Helper Pro
  • Not working macro editor
  • Cursor is before letter
  • Not working a sound in ppt
  • Cannot type with bluetooth keyboard (Galaxy Tab 2 7)
  • Opening a document directly from file system, keeping black screen after closing.
  • Saving password is default
  • Dialog and window focus frequently needs two taps in Mouse or Touch mode
  • After closing a document, the standard dialogue that appears is incorrectly formatted
  • Cannot use without Wi-Fi
  • Typing back space automatically in Korean with Samsung keyboard (Samsung Note 10.1 Android 4.4)
  • Cannot input Greek letters in Formula (i.e. %rho)
  • Cannot use Scanner (Insert -> Picture -> Scan)
  • Cannot sound music in ppt
  • Cannot input line in cell with crtl+enter in Calc
  • Cannot input Hebrew from left side
  • Cannot delete with bluetooth keyboard (Samsung Tab S 10.5)


version 2.4.0

  • Cannot work with Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

version 2.3.4

  • Base doesn't work

version 2.3.1

  • Cannot switch window

version 2.0.3

  • Crashing with macro

version 2.0.1

  • Template doesn't work
  • Help doesn't work

version 1.6.4

  • Cannot set preference
  • Get 2 characters in pressing hardware keyboard(Galaxy Note II)
  • Double typing with shift key(Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Note 3)
  • Double typing with external keyboard (Galaxy Tab2 10.1)
  • Cannot get Find or Search and Replace to work (Galaxy Note 10.1)
  • Password check box is enabled by default on save dialogs
  • Typing twice with bluetooth keyboard (Galaxy Tab 2 10.1)

version 1.6.3

  • Cannot open odt with password

version 1.6.2

  • Cannot save non ascii named file

version 1.5.8

  • Cannot input numeric with external keyboard

version 1.5.5

  • Cannot open and write from SD card (Android 4.4)

version 1.5.0

  • Cannot set properties in form design

version 1.4.6

  • Display "other process is running"

version 1.4.5

  • Cannot input text with some IME
  • Not working with Swift keyboard
  • Not working with Simeji
  • Could not use the Pivot Table because you can not drag icons from right to left to form the table (the whole window moves)
  • Can't highlight more than one word

version 1.4.4

  • Not detecting mouse over and right click and drag with bluetooth mouse
  • Speech Input send text twice
  • Not working right-click
  • Not working middle mouse button drag

version 1.4.3

  • Cannot scroll by touching
  • Money and Date is not localized in Calc

version 1.4.1

  • Not working mouse wheel scrolling
  • Cannot move dialoges when list box is focused

version 1.4.0

  • Display square characters in German menu
  • Not working keyboard shortcuts (ALT+aeolnscxz) for Polish characters
  • Cannot input with AltGr key

version 1.3.6

  • Splash is not center

version 1.3.5

  • Missing ruler and scrollbar in Writer
  • Missing Options menu

version 1.3.3

  • Cannot start with Android 2.3

version 1.3.1

  • Cannot display symbol catalog in Math

version 1.3.0

  • insert->object->formula in Writer gives an error.
  •  the accents are no longer available. é, ", ', (-., è, _, ç,
  • "ä" and "ö" characters are not correctly showed in the documents

version 1.2.7

  • Cannot open documents from Google Drive
  • Display half size window after recovering

version 1.2.6

  • Not localized a part of menus
  • In Portuguese some of them are replacede by squares

version 1.2.5

  • Support for CTRL+C/V/X keys

version 1.2.4

  • Support for Home & End keys

version 1.2.2

  • Distorted display (Galaxy 7)