Andromeda Republic

Andromeda Republic is a collective of industrial and military factions in Star Wars Combine universe
under the leadership of Samuel Ashen, a neutral group allied with Confederacy of Independent Systems.

 Andromeda Military factions.


Military arm of Andromeda Republic, a fully functional mercenary faction engaged in purely military activity, hard people of hard purpose
for honor and glory.

If fighting you like then fighting you'll get, in Andromeda you do not
hole materials you do what you are born for, to fight, join up today and after a month of active duty get a signing up bonus of half a million credits, it's not like you need it, after all Andromeda will provide all the gear you'll need but it's nice to have a bank account, Talk to Samuel Ashen if you got questions or sign up today :)

Andromeda Industrial factions.

Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.
This juggernaut of industry develops and manufactures ships, from small fighters to huge
Capital Ships no job is beyond Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.

If you like to build wonders of space travel what batter place is there.

Andromeda Motors
A yang industry power develops and manufactures Vehicles, from nimble Speeders to powerful battle Tanks.
Recruiting pilots,  Factory managers, and researchers, message Samuel Ashen for all questions or simply join up.

Haor Chall Engineering
The stored tradition of excellence in droid development and manufacturing is alive today no less then it was in days of clone war, then Haor Chall Engineering ingenuity played a pivotal roll in building most advanced and powerful droid army aver assembled.

The Potentium Order
The Potentium Order is the primary force and religious sect for Andromeda Republic and  Confederacy of Independent Systems.

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