Out There by Mikael Covey

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This is what it's like to be young during the greatest time in history. Days of total freedom, wild times, real times, free sex, free love, and rock ’n roll forever. In Out There Mikael Covey writes in a prose as wildly lyrical, as harsh and beautiful as the stark prairies and wide open country. A hymn to eternal youth that takes you on a trip you'll never forget – from little towns in Nebraska to the blighted paradise of California. Every page sings with the wise and delicate poetry of a free spirit.

Scarabocchio by Grace Andreacchi

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'I stole out of Carlsbad at three in the morning, otherwise I hardly would have been allowed to leave.' These are the opening words of Goethe's 'Italian Journey', and it was this mysterious, pungent diary that would eventually result in the novel Scarabocchio. To jump into a coach in the depths of the night, to run away from the oppression of one's delightful and highly-placed friends, one's work, fame, fortune, obligations and plunge headlong into the great adventure, careering over the Alps, aiming for the bright golden heart of civilisation, the only baggage one's poetical discontent... Add to this the Goldberg Variations of J.S. Bach, a fascination with murderous Sicilian puppets, a runaway diva, Beethoven's other nephew (the one who also shot himself in the head but, unlike Carl, appears, at least partially, to have survived), a catalogue of child murders and possible murderers, a treatise on the beauty of imaginary architecture and the golden section and you begin to get some idea of Scarabocchio. A piece of dizzying metafiction, a whirlwind journey through Sicily with an iconic German poet, a Canadan Bach specialist, a runaway diva and many others...

a novella by Grace Andreacchi

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When a woman of a certain age develops an obsessive crush on a boy half her age, who’s more likely to get hurt? Jeffrey Sunshine is no ordinary boy but a prodigy, a singer whose voice and person alike are of an unearthly beauty. And this beauty is matched by a banality equally extreme. In this extraordinary novella the author flirts with voice and time, weaving a tale of devilish intricacy, where pity, terror and laughter chase one another through the dark labyrinths of a dream-like world.

Poetry and Fear by Grace Andreacchi

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A short novel written in poetic and elliptical prose, rich in emotion, sometimes playful, sometimes tragic. Set in the opera world of Berlin just after the fall of the Wall, 'Poetry and Fear' is a gripping tale of spiritual love and pain and the whole damn thing. Orpheus singing in the Underworld. The melancholy Queen of Spain. For everyone who's ever been there, or wants to be....

'THE SOUND that I need to hear. Julio's voice. Julio's voice, that begins somewhere inside Julio's throat, is a temple built with invisible columns of vibrating molecules - a temple to the holy spirit that is Julio. Is it a beautiful temple? People say that it is, that my Julio has the most beautiful voice in the world. I would think so too, but I no longer think about Julio's voice - I simply need it. Beautiful or ugly, cracked or whole, tired or fresh, singing speaking whispering sighing laughing screaming in pain or is it fear? the sound that tells me yes , he exists - my Julio.'

Clearout Sale Poems and stories by Mark Edwards

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Mark Edwards writes with wit, poignancy and economy. In poems and stories of remarkable grace he delineates the corners of a world – his cast of genial no-hopers and poetic dreamers speak to us in the language of Aberdeen - lilting, ironic, occasionally obscene, often hilarious and always genuine. There is depth of feeling in their reticence and a hard-edged wisdom in their careful tenderness. In rendering the specific with such attention, Edwards achieves a universal truth, and shows us ourselves, often at our most vulnerable.