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General Description of the project. 
Current Panorama creating in smartphones uses the phones camera to take a set of pictures which are sent to a server to compute the registration and the stitching. However, this approach requires that the user is within a service-area. Currently, the option to generate panoramas on smartphones (without having to send it to the server) is not available, which hinders areas where a smartphone can be used to create such type of images. 

The purpose of this ViewFinder is to provide feedback to the user while taking images that will be used to generate a panorama. Because of the limited resources and computational capabilities of smartphones, efficiency and low-complexity implementation is of essence.

Pandroid Video-Demo:

YouTube Video

The intended ViewFinder algorithm uses edge detection and strong-corner matching to compute the necessary translation and rotation matrices for aligning any two images (taken with some overlap). In addition, I am hoping to use the magnetometer to limit the rotation/lateral-displacement of the phone between the scenes -from where pictures are taken. Limiting the range of motion would help to speed up the matching process by ensuring the 'minimum' (to be determined) overlap between the images is achieved, hence reducing the number of feature matches to compute and the discrepancy of overlapping regions.

Additions to this project will include geo-tagging and stitching. Which may take a bit longer. For the purpose of meeting the project deadline, the work will be concentrated on an efficient and fast ViewFinder (image alignment).

The panorama above was created using MS ICE, and was re-scaled for display purposes.The final application will ideally provide similar results, but all computations executed on the smartphone. I took the image, but never registered or anything like that (as far as I am concerned anyone can use it freely).

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