Project Overview

We intend to create an application on the AndroidTM * platform that will let pilots use their multiple-rotor aircraft in an easy-to-understand environment that will (hopefully) work with any aircraft that the pilot uses, regardless of how it is designed. The application should serve as a man-in-the-middle controller for the aircraft by connecting to the aircraft wirelessly through another computer (e.g. a laptop), which can take over in case the application fails.

* AndroidTM is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

    Week 2
        Understanding the resources and technology comprising the UAV and Network Stack
    Weeks 3
        Negotiating an extensible protocol and implementing the Adapter
    Weeks 4 and 5:
         learning to use and implementing the Network Stack
    Weeks 5-10:
        Design and develop the UI, and refining it to meet the needs and requirements of the end user. 

Milestones remaining as of 2/28/12:
     Weeks 8:
            Gain access to some of the toy copter's API.
            Generating simulated sensor data to be used for final demo in case of further project slippage.  
            Continue thinking about GUI concepts and begin to develop some of it.  
    Weeks 9
            Complete networking functionality including laptop server proxy.  
    Weeks 10:
           Integrate network functionality into GUI and finish preparing GUI for final demo. 

   Week 1, Finished investigating projects and schedule a  meeting with Project mentor(Tom Wypich)
   Week 2  Had another meetiing with Tom and spent some time discussing the technologies we were to work with,
                 studying some networking  and thinking about how the Network Stack would be implemented
   Week 3: Defined with Tom some more specific learning activities to be undertaken and implemented a TCP/IP
                 HelloWorld program to be ported to the Android control device.
   Week 4: Met with Tom and agreed to develop an Android UI displaying sensor data and sending a UDP packet
                 to another machine.  
        Make good wrapper for packets?

(a) one (1) week for understanding the resources and technology comprising the UAV and Network Stack; (b) one (1) week for negotiating an extensible protocol and implementing the Adapter; (c) two (2) weeks for learning to use and implementing the Network Stack; and (d) the remaining time allocated to the development of the Application.