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What is Google TV?

Google TV essentially integrates applications and the internet directly into your television. It brings basic elements such as search or web browsing and goes as far as combining both web and TV simultaneously.

The most important element of Google TV is its search bar. Essentially it brings together all the information, programs, internet, and media surrounding whatever you search for. So programs currently or soon to be shown will appear alongside imdb or Google search results as well as any media or recordings you might have. The search bar negates the need for a TV guide as well and helps to enrich any programs you might be interested in by offering related websites and other online info.

Internet connected applications will also form a central part of Google TV. Much of what can be found on the Android operating system will be translated across to Google TV. Applications like Twitter and Amazon will be the first to appear on the hardware with the Android market eventually arriving on the platform early next year. Google also plans to make use of both the iPhone and Android powered handsets to act as a remote for Google TV. Voice search will allow you to use your mobile handsets microphone for input, creating search results by simply speaking into your phone.

A full web browser is also included in the Google TV package, meaning much of your surfing can be done on the television. The browser is Flash Player 10.1 compatible so video websites or slideshows on Flickr will be viewable. Television programs can be viewed simultaneously as picture-in-picture whenever the browser or applications are run.

As with any exciting new technology, it isn’t always clear what it actually does. The goal of Google TV is to turn television and web into a seamless experience, giving you access to online content and videos from the comfort of your living room.

Google puts it this way: the traditional way to watch a television show is to wait for it to air on a network, meaning you change your schedule to match that of the show you want to watch. The internet breaks that barrier, allowing you to watch shows whenever you feel like through outlets like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

With Google TV, you can watch online content out of the confined space of your computer’s monitor and instead play it on your TV ““ together with standard TV content.

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Searching and Browsing

Google TV will include a powerful search engine (of course) so you can easily find the shows you’re looking for without browsing through lists and guides. When you find a show you want to watch or subscribe to, you can quickly add it to your home screen which makes it just like a traditional TV channel. Google TV merges content from sources like Netflix, YouTube, sports websites, and many other sources along with your traditional television content, so everything is available in one central location.

A full version of Google’s Chrome browser will also be included with Google TV, so you can browse the internet just like you would on your computer. You’ll also have access to your photos and web applications like Pandora.


google tvThis is exciting news for Android fans: Google TV will include the Android Market so you can download and install Android apps right to your television. Beyond that, you can use your Android phone as the remote control for your TV, including voice search.

Popular Android applications like Google Listen will be updated to provide many more features for Google TV. The best part about including the Android Market is that new features will constantly be added to your TV, as we’ve seen with Android phones.

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Multitasking is a big deal for most people, and Google TV will not disappoint. With this software, you’ll be able to watch a TV show in the corner of your screen while browsing the internet with Chrome. Google TV will also be able to interact with hardware you already own like a DVR to schedule recording of TV shows while you continue to watch TV as usual.

Automatic Subtitles (with translations)

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Using Google’s tremendous translation and voice transcription resources, Google TV will be able to automatically generate subtitles for content and even translate those subtitles to your native language (as long as Google supports the language).




Since it includes Android software, the sky is the limit for what developers can do ““ I expect dozens of new features to appear after the Google TV Android Market opens.


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