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What's new...

8 February 2015
Just sent version 1.7 to the Play store.  I've been using a developer version of this for a while now and it's a definite improvement over 1.6 for a number of reasons.  Of course I've already spotted a few issues in the new version ... but hopefully these are pretty minor usability issues that won't get in the way of anyone, making the upgrade a good thing for everyone.  We'll see what kinds of bugs come in the next few days.

Thanks everyone for hanging in there between updates.  I see there are a few competitors out there but most of them have created generic apps that they're rolling out to any city that publishes GTFS schedule data, I hope I can do a slightly more customised job for us here in Wellington.

8 September 2013
A new update is now available. This version is just for Android 3.0 and later, the old version is still available for those with older handsets. This update includes a number of minor improvements but nothing revolutionary.

Unfortunately Twitter are now making authentication mandatory so for the time being the app no longer gives you the metlink tweets.

9 February 2012
Woa, quite a while since last update.  Have released a new version with cleaner front page and a few bug fixes.  Galaxy S2 users seem to be having issues with the DB download - still not sure what's going on there but plan to look into it.

16 September 2011
Just released a new version - 1.3.  Have been trying to track down an issue with the app on Android 2.3 but not quite sure I've nailed it yet, this update adds some metrics to look for things going wrong that don't get reported via other means, and an important new feature: Twitter updates.  This is only available in the Wellington version right now, haven't found a good source of tweets for Auckland yet, but I'm sure there is one out there...
  ...also, just saw a bug crop up in the reporting, so have released 1.3.1 to patch this.  Sorry about that!

15 August 2011 
Something curious going on with the app on newer phones (Android 2.3) - still looking into it but two different intermittent errors seem to be cropping up.  The more serious seems to be a problem with the permissions on the database file.  No clear reason why this has only just started to be an issue and it doesn't show up in the emulator, but I've found at least one thing that could've been causing it so will release a patch soon.

2 June 2011 
Just released a new version of Auckland Transit (v1.1)!  This adds real-time information, a guess-your-stop feature, a new configuration panel, better scrolling on the map-view, some tidying up of the search panel, a bit of an experimental change to the structure and colours of the entry-point activity, and a roll-up of any bug fixes from the last few months.  Hopefully this takes the AkTransit app into a market-leader position against other apps in this category. 

12 Apr 2011
Note - you'll need to update your database to one of those currently available in the download list - as part of adding real-time results I've had to amend the database structure just a little (added in stop numbers, which weren't in the original).  To refresh a database you've already downloaded just click on it, select 'delete', then download the updated version. 
11 Apr 2011
We have real-time!  Woohoo!  I've just published version 1.1 of Wellington Transit with real-time results included.  I can't say how long I've wanted to know when the bus is going to arrive (as opposed to when it is supposed to), well thanks to the folks at GO Wellington and Metlink we have it.  Nice.  I've been playing with this for about the last week and it's largely been working as expected, but since this feature is kind-of new for the Metlink website I'm half expecting some changes to the website that will break the app's ability to pull realtime results.  If it happens, though, it shouldn't be for long before an update.  FYI this release also includes an updated MapView which supports scrolling around the map better - it now loads up bus stop icons anywhere you scroll to, rather than confining it to the 2km around your current location.  It's actually been this that's held up the RT release.  (see down page for a little more info on realtime results)

Regretfully this update does include a few bugs - I've noticed at least two in the 1 minute I've played with it after updating - but I think the RT results are so nice that I wanted to get this out as soon as possible.  Apologies to those of you who hit one of these bugs.

14 Feb 2011
(To Bob - in comment forum - Hi Bob, sorry I don't have any way of replying in the user-comments list - but hopefully you've found your way to the updated database by now!)

12 Feb 2011
Prepared new databases for both Akl and Wlg.

16 Jan 2011
Having difficulty getting up to data from Auckland's MAXX, suggest users of Auckland Transit download and use the "perpetual" database instead, though this won't have any detail of recent timetable changes.  Apologies for this.