Time Recording Android App - Privacy Policy

Version 1, April/20 2013

Personal Information

• No information whatsoever entered into the app is uploaded to or shared with the app developers or other parties. This applies to all relevant apps (Time Recording Free, Time Recording Pro, all Time Recording Plugins).

• Exemption for Google Drive and Dropbox cloud integration: when the user of the app does a "Cloud Backup" or "Send report" to either Google Drive or Dropbox from within the app, the data is uploaded to the (previously configured) cloud account of the app's user in non-encrypted format, potentially exposing its content to the cloud provider. See the according privacy policies of Google and Dropbox.

Internet access by the app

• Internet connectivity in Time Recording Free is only required to serve Google AdMob advertisement. No information whatsoever from Time Recording Free is shared with the advertisement provider.

• Time Recording Pro does not have Internet connectivity system rights.

Data storage

• All data is stored on internal device storage, unless the user explicitly chooses to move data storage to the SD Card

• All data backups triggered from within the app are stored in unencrypted format on the SD Card