RayOptics : Available in market now

Ray Optics is an android app. Ray Optics can help you to understand and visualize a very important topic of Physics. You can see ray diagram and image position in real time for any setup of lens and mirrors. You can also understand concepts of reflection and refraction and their implication in real time.
This will be of interest to all students (teachers) studying (teaching) Ray Optics. All all other people in love with Physics :) (like me)

Videos Tutorial: 

YouTube Video


- Geometric optics simulator
- Refraction and reflection 
with full ray diagram support
- Editable object, lens and mirror properties
    Support for 
                Concave and convex lenses
             Concave and convex mirrors 
             Glass slabs
- Formation of Virtual and real images
- One advance feature is that you can even shift principal axis of lens and mirrors. ( for real geeks :D)

GUI Features
- Dragging axis
- Pinch Zoom 
- Hiding of button/text panel on long press

* Based on thin lens equation