soundBuilder - Electro Acoustic apps for Android devices

This project will be about creating a set of synthesizers and other live sound-processing tools for use on an Android device.

Presenting: AxMod - The expressive FM-synthesizer with multitouch !

AxMod PRO demo

Now up on Google play!
Get it here:
AxMod: An electro-acoustic instrument which utilises FM-synthesis in real-time!

AxMod is a live FM-synthesizer for Android. It uses multitouch to enhance the controllability of the sound - to create sweeping dynamics and smooth pitch changes! The interface and the settings dialog offers great freedom in the type of sounds you can make.

Both the free version and the paid includes the option to record your performance onto the sdcard as a wav!

- Android version 2.1 or greater.
- Multitouch support (for some features).

Tested on:
- Galaxy S II
- HTC Desire S

There are no ads in the free version, PRO-version includes:
- Editable frequency range of carrier and modulator.
- Custom buffer size (lower playback latency), for fast devices.
- Editable amplitude range of modulator.
- Attack Release controllability and more multitouch features.
- Rounding frequency of carrier and modulator to nearest semitone to play AxMod like a piano!

Buy on the market or outside:

Get the AxMod Android app from SlideME.
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