Receipts Scanner is a simple Android application that allows you to take pictures of your receipts with your phone and then email them directly to your email account of choice as attachments.

It saves a trip to a scanner and a lot of hassle and grief when in the office; and, when out and about, allows you to quickly scan and send that receipt without having to bother about keeping it safe until you are back.

Current release (2011-01-17): 1.2 beta
The current release is a maintenance release to fix a few bugs related to the different ways different devices manage the mounted SD card in the filesystem, and was preventing the app to even start on a number of phones.
Once set the default email address (this can be changed usually using the email client on a time-by-time basis) there are two options: either use the Camera to take a picture of a receipt (the only option at first launch) or to open the gallery review of existing Receipts' images.

The Gallery view allows the user to enter the receipt's details (name, amount, merchant and notes) as well as to view the actual image (by tapping on the currently active image) and either keep or discard it.

Once ready, the user can select Upload from the system Menu to send an email with the images as attachments, and the details in the body of the email itself.

Typically, the Android's mail client will allow to edit the subject, add/edit/remove recipients' email address(es), and add some text to the body of the email.

Depending on which other apps are installed on the phone, there will be a choice between Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Evernote, Bluetooth, MMS, etc. as possible uploading options.

Open Issues
There are still a number of 'open issues' (obviously: it's a 'beta' release) and they are tracked in the To-Do page: please feel free to add more there, I will eventually migrate them to a proper bug tracking system (most likely, Trac)
Receipts Scanner is now available from Android Market
This should be the preferred way to obtain the app, as it will also notify you of updates. 
Just launch Market app on your Android device and search for "Receipts Scanner" - this is free to download and will be the latest available version.

Downloading the Application binary directly to your Android phone is no longer supported

If you cannot install from Market, you should contact the developers directly, by sending an email to our discussion group (use the link on the left).

Source Code
We are planning, at some point, to release the code as either open source, or as a 'guided tour' of developing an Android application on our blog; for the time being, you can see the application architecture, activity lifecycle, session management and metadata schema as a set of  Class Diagrams.