WordLost (FEB, 2015):

Enjoy this exciting casual game, Lost Word, where you must manage to find all hidden words in each of the self-generated grid ( this is why it is unlimited ).

Initially within the grid you have a word to help you determine the others. Each word has its place and you have to discover where it goes.


- Each word has its grid position (indicated by the blank cells )
- the words fit exactly in the space of two black cells ( or the bound of the grid )
- Each game has a timer. The quicker you solve the grid, the better.
- you can use the "individual check/solution" word when you have doubt or do not know which word to use, but this entails a penalty with a small time increment
- If you can not solve the grid, you have the option of "global checking/solution", but using this option finishes the game and you have to start a new game.
- In "Easy mode", the system automatically shows a restricted list of words that matches with the words already entered.
- Once you finished the grid, your time will be recorded.


- Multiple sizes : 20 x 20, 30 x 30 and 40 x 40
- Continue playing later : you can continue your previous game at any time, it is not necessary to finish once
- Play unlimited : the system generates itself new grids !
- It's totally free


The new fixture for World Cup Brazil 2014™ with minute by minute reporting in real-time, event party, start and end of each half and goals in the match.

Download the fixture of the World Cup Football Brazil 2014™ and start enjoying this wonderful event.

- Follow all the world events with the news service, with detailed information and images (RSS from 'FIFA.com News').
- Find match schedule to dispute, along with venue information, date and time corresponding to your location.
- Countdown, almost there!
- Groups and table positions automatically calculated based on results obtained.
- Information Group Stage with the definition of groups and detailing stages, corresponding date and time to your location
- Information Knock-out Stages,Last 16, quarters, semi-finals and final detailing venue, corresponding date and time to your location
- Details of the venue, with year of construction, building, city and a full detail including the location in google maps fully routable not miss to watch it live.
- Minute by minute per match, receive notifications as the whistle to start and end the game, or the cry of goaalll in real-time!

With the information obtained games, is updated in real time the positions of the groups, with the match still unfinished, allowing you to see the projection of the positions of the group
Controls whether you want to access information only through WIFI and 3G data save. Sets the refresh of information

Download now and start beating the Brazil 2014 World Cup Soccer™!


What movie is that?

This game is a scene Trivia for classic movies fanatics!!.

You have to guess the exact name of the movie based on an image.
In that image, all characters'faces have been erased.

The titles must be entered exactly (case insensitive) in any of the languages you have chosen for the current profile.

You can slide left/right the picture to pass previous/next one. Once you have completed the title for
the movie showing, then that title will be displayed.

Only in portrait mode, you can see a grid with the total number of movies available. The status of each one is marked with a color:
    - Black : incomplete
    - Red   : wrong
    - Green : correct
Touch the cell number to select that movie.
Clicking on the image , the image displays on full screen and you can move or pitch it to resize the picture.

Entering the menu, (using menu key on cell phone), you have 3 options.

1- Full image, displays the image on full screen.
2- Search IMDB: if you have doubts about the exactly name, you can get some help with this option. The text entered
will be searched at imdb database.
3-Once you have entered the correct title, this option will be enabled to see the details about the current movie.

Allow enter titles in English and Spanish.

For a LITE version of
What movie is that?
This version include ads.
Restricted to 9 movies.

Link on web market.

For a FULL version of What movie is that?
No ads.
More than 60 movies to find out !!
Only $1.00

Link on web market.