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TP2 Froyo RC1 w/ APN fix!

posted Jul 18, 2010, 9:25 PM by Matthew G
So I finally figured out how to compile my own builds and edit them as well.  It seems Linux is good for something other than just CompIZ after all.   ;) 

I have added a Reference build (completely stock from the froyo kitchen), and a BLAZN build (Themed and Overclocked), should be pretty easy to tell the difference, and I added some screen shots as well as a description of each.  I built these with the newest kernel and rootfs so we get a little bit better battery meter, and WiFi back!  This is also based off of the newest Froyo build which would be v3 by babijoee's count. What this means is we have some more performance tweaks, and a working APN list again.  Also some file system fixes which allow things like NeoCore and Apps 2 SD to be installed.  Overall a VERY smooth build.  Oh and a fancy new XDAndroid boot animation for the BLAZN builds. 

Just head over to the Download page and ENJOY!!