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Fresh Froyo 7/21: More Stable

posted Jul 21, 2010, 3:42 PM by Matthew G
Change Log for Build.072110:
  • Android is now generated its own "Serial Number" on first boot.
  • Slide-to-Answer call screen is back!
  • CDMA Data fixes for APN (Shouldn't need "fake apn" trick anymore).
  • Dictionary added for On-Screen Keyboard Predictive Text!
  • BLAZN:  Black on Black text for notifications fixed & themed Power Widget.
  • froyo.user.conf file updated.

Starting to get the hang of building em from scratch.  Reference should be just as reliable as before. BLAZN is much, much more stable and I have fixed some of the theme issues and I must say, I like it a lot.  On screen keyboard with working dictionary is SO nice!  Enjoy!

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