Frequently Asked Questions

By no means are the answers here a works for all situation, but hopefully it will be what works for most,  and resolve most of your issues.  If not at least let you be aware that they are issues and you shouldn't beat your head against the wall! I will update this as often as I can in between work and life! Also, I take no credit for solving these issues, most of the issues are solved by the great community we have here and the discussion going on in multiple development and testing threads. I just try to compile them here on the FAQ page! 


Device   ↓Radio (Phone, Data)   ↓Audio   ↓3D Acceleration   ↓Wi-Fi   ↓Bluetooth   ↓GPS   ↓
 Touch Pro Yes Yes Yes Yes Some1 Yes
 Touch Diamond
AT&T Fuze
 Touch Diamond2 Yes Some2 Yes
Yes No Yes
 Touch Pro2
AT&T Tilt2


  • 1 Bluetooth A2DP not working, Pin-code pairing not working.
  • 2 Audio only works in calls.
  • On all phones, power management has not yet been fully optimized.
  • Display panel initialization currently relies upon Windows Mobile.

Usage Tips

What are the Navigation keys on a Touch Pro 2 Android build?

1 Call button 'Call'
2 Windows Key 'Menu'
3 Back button 'Back'
4 End button 'End call' | 'Power'
5 Volume Up button 'Volume Up'
6 Volume Down button 'Volume Down'
7 PTT button(Tilt2 Only) 'Currently Unmapped'
8 Power button 'Home'
9 Rear mute button(WIth LED) 'Currently Unmapped'

Recommended First steps

How do I sync my contacts from Windows Mobile into Android?

GOOGLE WinMo Contacts SYNC: Setting Up Your Windows Mobile Phone

Exporting Contacts from Windows Mobile to Android (Without Outlook or Google Sync):  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=734044

Or use a .CSV to sync contacts between outlook/gmail: Export and Import

Here is instructions on how to setup your Windows Mobile to sync with Google, and then Android will do it once you log into your phone via Android.

Skipster pointed out that some might not understand if you are doing Exchange Sync already and you decide to sync via googles Activesync, you will lose your Exchange contacts on the device itself. I don't think it would affect your actual Exchange contacts on the Exchange server itself, so all you should have to do is re-sync back with Exchange instead of Google. But definitely something to note if you get confused. If you are already using Exchange sync via Activesync in Windows Mobile, most likely you will want to continue doing that. Android 2.01 currently has support for Exchange Activesync for Contacts and Email. But not natively for Tasks or Calendar. There is a great program called Touchdown in the Market, it costs about $20 US and does full Exchange Sync, remote wipe and all, which a lot of companies require, even the PIN Codes. But it does not integrate with Androids Email and Contacts app, which could be a good thing or bad depending on if you do or don't want to keep Android Email and Contacts separate from Exchange ones. Android OS 2.1 does have full Exchange Sync except Tasks I believe, but does finally have Calender. I am not aware whether it does remote wipe, so Touchdown still might be the viable solution for Enterprises.

Android does not recognize my SIM Pin.
You must first disable your pin in WinMo.  At the moment Android will not recognize your pin!!

Android does not seem to recognize any of my media why is this?

"The media scanner, that is supposed to scan the SD/Internal Storage looking for ringtones and notifications, was frequently crashing.
It appears that it fails to analyze a folder or a file whose name contains non ANSI caracters thus failing to open it. So all the files/directories that contain accents or special characters will make the media service to crash. That's why the people that have only english (or non accentuated language) file names did not encouter that issue."

More info, and a scanning app here:

Getting net framework errors trying to run this utility?
Download link here:  NETCFv35.wm.armv4i.cab

Questions about
Issues/Fixes and Tips

How much space do I need on my Storage Card?
It has been asked that we put a note in on how much space is required. Being as the data.img it creates on boot is 256MB, you have space for the OS etc. It is recommended you have at least 500MB free to use Android. Hopefully that clears up some confusion.

Why is my backlight always staying on?
To fix this, we need to disable Windows Mobile's Automatic Adjustment and Dim settings.  If you are using the Startup Utility, then this is taken care of automatically.  Here are the manual instructions otherwise.

From within Windows Mobile
Tap to Uncheck - Automatically adjust backlight
Tap to Uncheck - Dim backlight if device is not used for: in the On Battery Power section
Tap to Uncheck - Dim backlight if device is not used for: in the On External Power section
This should keep the backlight from staying on now, and definitely increase battery time!

Also, it seems that if your backlight for the hard keys at the bottom is on when booting Android, they will get stuck in that state. It is recommended before launching Haret, that you wait for the Backlight on those keys to go out.

My Phone isn't booting even after following all the directions?
Unfortunately nobody can see what's going on with your phone but you. But it is good practice to start from scratch if you cannot seem to figure out what is going on. For those with issues trying to get it to boot. I would recommend removing all the Android directories and files and trying again. Especially the data.img file and cache directory back in Windows Mobile. Most of the time as long as nothing major has changed, you should be able to keep your data.img. But if you are having issues, the best course is to get rid of that and let it re-create it. Some users state re-formatting (LONG format, not quick format!) your SD Card to FAT32 fixes things up. I haven't ever had that issue, so I cannot attest, but if all else fails, that is an option.

How long does it take to boot, it has been sitting here for 30 minutes?
The very first time you boot, especially with a fresh system, it takes on average about 3-5 minutes. That is with it creating the data.img etc. I have heard of some taking 10 minutes, but my guess is different speed SD cards etc. But if it is going on 30 minutes and you still are not up and running, I wouldn't hold my breath. It sounds like something got fubarred someplace, and I would hit the Reset button and delete the folders and files for Android and try again. On that note, if it is at the graphical X it may very well be working just really slow, again maybe the SD card is fragmented or too slow etc. So it is your choice to wait. but if it is still text on the screen etc, then I would start over. I have yet to see it take over 5 minutes on any build of Android. And after that first boot, it is very quick on coming up, like 2 minutes Max.

I have everything in the Android folder in the root of my SD Card but it won't work?
The Android folder no longer works. It was conflicting with apps that created their own android folder in the sdcard, so it was changed. If you still want to segregate your android files, change the android folder to "andboot". Or you can add rel_path=whatever to your cmdline in startup.txt and then use whatever directory. You can put this switch anywhere in your cmdline as long as it is before the last switch of "physkeyboard=", that has to be your last switch. You need the latest initrd.gz for this to work correctly, though. Edit: By default you won't be using the latest initrd.gz just from downloading the Android source from post #1, you will want to download it from that link in this answer, just replace the initrd.gz that is already on your storage card with the new one. And now you will be able to have everything in the "andboot" folder. Thanks to Makkonen for clearing that up.

Error Message:  "Sorry... the process android.process.acore had stopped unexpectedly.  Please try again."
Delete the "Data.img" file on your SD card using any file explorer in WinMo, and reboot back into Android.  

My touch screen does not work.  I messed up when calibrating the Touchscreen, how can I redo it?
To reset the calibration and setup again just boot back into Windows Mobile and delete the ts-calibration file, usually in the root of your Storage Card. Next boot into Android should prompt you to set the calibration again.

My keyboard doesn't do the proper function keys on my phone?
You must check the cmdline in your startup.txt file. The easy alternative is using the Startup Utility choose your corresponding keyboard on the start page. 

My Notification LED is always on?
Current state of the Notification LED is more for diagnostic purposes. It isn't functioning yet for true notifications. It is more for diagnostics right now from my understanding to let you know that the phone is in sleep mode. If the light isn't Green when sleeping then it hasn't ran it's power collapse mode and it is draining your battery. I get an occasional Flash from Green to Orange and I assume it is when the phone wakes up to check things like mail etc. But otherwise it is Green all the time the phone is sleeping. Which is good!

I cannot adjust the volume of my calls, the bar moves but it isn't changing?
This is a known issue, and in its current state the volume can be adjusted, but must be pre-selected before booting into Android.  This is achieved using the startup.txt cmdlines.
htc_hw.call_vol = x
x can be 0-5, 0 lowest and 5 loudest obviously.

How to get mic working for voice services like Tikl and Voice Search.
In winmo call your voicemail
turn on the speakerphone
put in your password and just let the voicemail system talk
while that is going on boot android (you will still her talking during the first half of the android boot)
once android has completed booting you will hear a hissing sound coming from the speaker but don't worry it will go away
to make it go away launch any app that has sound once the first sound plays the hissing sound goes away and viola open TiKL and you can now be heard loud and clear.

I cannot keep my clock from adding hours while switching between WinMo and Android.
My Personal Favorite Time fix:  (Included in BLAZN ROM)    http://www.appbrain.com/app/ru.org.amip.ClockSync
Other time fixes:
Originally Posted by xmckinzie 
In Android:
1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Date and Time
3. Uncheck Automatic (Use network-provided values)
4. Change time zone to to GMT +00:00, Greenwich Mean Time
5. Then set time and date to current time in your time zone.
The above fix works VERY well, but its not perfect. If you change your build as often as I do, its easy to forget to remove the auto clock setting in Android. Also, the gtalk app does not tag messages with the correct time, for proper message threading.  In order to fix the timestamp, and forgetfullness errors thanks to Mr. Shaw there is an app that will auto sync your WinMo time as well.


My screen is always flipping to Landscape when I don't need it to?
So far we don't have full Android Gsensor support, because the keyboard open/closed overrides most gsensor applications. The GSensor works great, but it doesn't automatically detect when you turn the phone etc for Landscape to Portrait stuff. The easiest way to fix this from happening for now is disabling the automatic orientation. This will not affect it switching to Landscape when you slide your keyboard. That will still function just fine. Press the Menu button and select Settings. Then select Sound & display settings. Scroll down till you get to Orientation under Display settings. Uncheck that box, and it should no longer flip on you automatically. This does not fix the landscape issue on bootup, not quite sure why it does that, but it is known. Easiest way to fix is just hit the Menu button after it starts up, and that should flip it back to Portrait.

How do you get Live Wallpaper working like it did in previous builds?
The app that enabled this used to be included in the Android Build, but I guess it was forgotten. I believe you can grab it from the market, but for those that just want it quick and easy. Download the LiveWallpaper zip, extract files, and transfer it to your AndroidApps folder on your Storage Card while in Windows Mobile.  Once installed, you will first need to Allow android to install unknown source apps. Goto the Home screen and press the menu button. Tap Settings, and then Tap Applications. Check the box at the top that says Unknown Sources. Confirm by tapping OK. Keep in mind currently we don't have Graphic Acceleration quite yet. But some might run regardless, just slower. For those that don't know how to select Wallpaper, goto your Home screen and press the Menu Button and Tap Wallpapers. If you want Live Wallpaper, tap Live Wallpapers and then Tap the wallpaper you wish to enable. Then once the preview comes up, either tap the settings to adjust to your liking or just tap Set wallpaper.

Can I overclock my CPU?
Yes, you will need to change settings in your startup.txt.  Read below on what changes to make in the startup.txt section of the FAQ.  Also make sure you change "pm.sleep_mode=" from 1 to 2   (needs to read pm.sleep_mode=2).

I can't get Google Voice to work?
Lots of users lately have been trying to get Google Voice to work, I know originally there was an issues with dropping the + on the calls, but I am pretty positive that has been addressed. So I recommend you check out the following thread, many users have reported great results.

I can't see any paid apps available for purchase in the Market.
Ludacrisvp realized he wasn't seeing any purchasable apps in the Market, so he found a workaround. Send thanks his way. This seems to be working for me on Sprint using 310120 pulled from my wife's Hero. Verizon's is thought to be 310012. Good Luck!
Get Market Enabler here: http://code.google.com/p/market-enabler/
Instructions: http://www.ppcgeeks.com/forums/showp...&postcount=102

Questions about Battery/Charging: Fixes and Tips

Does charging not work?
Yes, charging does work.  

Does the battery meter work?
Battery meter is a work in progress. Right now it is about 55% off, and fluctuates frequently.  It does now, however correctly show charging status.

Why does my battery die so quickly?
In our current battery test we have gotten about 20+ hours sleep with push email and light use.  You must remember the battery meter itself is registering incorrectly, and it may not be as low as it is telling you.  To conserve battery make sure you turn off your radios, such as WiFi, and GPS.  You can also dim the screen for a slight gain in battery life.  No matter how great the battery works, if you are playing with your handset for 3 hours straight while connected to WiFi the battery will die!!   :)

Why do I keep getting a "Low Battery" warning?
Read above about the battery meter:  Turn off Low Battery Warning cmdline - "htc_battery_smem.fake=1"

Questions about Data/Connection: Fixes and Tips


Why is my 3G Data not working?

From Wozzer999@PPCG:

Setting up a mock APN worked for me.  To do so, go to Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Press the Android Key > Name = "aaa", Server = "internet.com".  Hit back, and enable it.  It seemed to fix right away, but may need a reboot.

Thanks jtown for the tip!

Why isn't my CDMA 3G Data not working, or why is it always coming up in Airplane Mode?

First make sure you are trying with "Force CDMA" box checked in the startup utility.  Or add "force_cdma=1" to the cmdline in your startup.txt.

Some users are reporting issues with 3G Data not working even with the latest rootfs. What seems to be a resolution is to make sure you remove your SIM Card if you have one in it. If you don't have a need for it period, then I recommend leaving it out. For some reason it conflicts. Some have said once they have booted and 3G is working, they have booted back to Windows Mobile and put their SIM Card back in, then went into the Phone settings in Windows mobile, Start - Settings - Personal - Phone and then select the CDMA Tab I believe, and select CDMA Only for your Mode and things still seem to function from then on, allowing you to leave your SIM card in. Currently this is just a workaround. Hopefully we can make it function with it in all the time in the future without adjusting anything.

If you for sure have your SIM Card out and are still not getting a 3G icon, try going into Wireless Networks and have it scan for your network. From your Home Screen, press the Menu Button, then tap Settings, then tap Wireless & network settings. Then tap Mobile networks and then Network operators. Next tap Select automatically, this may have to be done twice, but you want it to show a brief pop-up saying Registered to Network. Then you can go back to your home screen, wait about a minute hopefully max, and see if the 3G icon shows up finally on your notification bar.

Why do I need to remove my SIM Card, I need it for my carrier? How do you remove the SIM Card, I can't figure it out for the life of me?
The question about SIM Cards seem to come into play a lot. If you are on a CDMA phone, then seriously unless you do lots of travel overseas you don't have a real reason to use the SIM Card, being as it is for GSM networks. I have heard some need the SIM due to they are using their CDMA phone on T-Mobile or something. Which if that is the case, then yes, you probably do need your SIM but you are running on GSM so you need to follow the thread on Android on GSM. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=627997 The rootfs.img that MrPippy modded for us is specifically for CDMA only currently. Hopefully in time I think he plans on merging it into the public one and we won't have to worry. But until then, you need to follow the right thread and such to get it working on your network. So if you are doing CDMA, then remove the SIM and if you are doing GSM leave it in but use a different rootfs.img. http://xdandroid.southcape.org/rootfs/ Keeping in mind that the one from the site listed there will not work on CDMA currently without modification. Some users are having trouble figuring out how to remove your SIM Card. This site has a good walkthrough. Hopefully it helps.

I have US Cellular or MetroPCS or some other carrier other than Sprint or Verizon and my 3G Data isn't working?
Update to the latest rootfs.img and your issues ideally will be resolved. Here is a thread discussing it. But with the latest rootfs I have been told it works out of the box. Currently, USCC is working just fine now, but reports are that MetroPCS constantly reboots. The Devs have been informed and are working on it.

My WiFi isn't working, and the thread says it is functional?
It seems users that are running WEP encryption are having issues. This is a known issue and hopefully will be addressed in time. But WPA and WPA2 seem to work great. If you have no other choice, then unfortunately you might need to pick up another router and have it do WPA etc for you or do without WiFi till it is fixed. Otherwise if you can, change to a little better encryption. Not that it will stop someone from hacking you if they really want to!

Questions about Startup.txt

What are the different cmdline switches I can pass in the Startup.txt?
Some of these options are for debuggind as well as things not fully implemented yet. But it was asked for so I thought I would throw it in the FAQ for ya. But keep in mind these aren't fixes by any means just different ways to configure and test things. And some of them not working yet. Any of these switches can be anywhere in your cmdline as long as they aren't the last switch. The "physkeyboard=" switch is recommended to be your last switch.

Startup.txt Database:
Look beneath the back cover or under your battery to find your model!
 Diamond 100diam100.txt
 Diamond 500
 AT&T Fuze
 Raphael/Touch Pro
 Raphael/TP 800
 Raphael/TP Nordicnordic_raph.txt
 AT&T Tilt2
 Rhodium / Touch Pro 2 UK
 Rhodium/TP2 210
 Rhodium/TP2 400
 Rhodium/TP2 500
 Rhodium/TP2 DE
 Rhodium/TP2 FR
 Rhodium/TP2 Nordic
 Rhodium/TP2 IT


Screen Settings - lcd.density=240 - We use 240 for Rhodium Screens

Turn off on-screen debug keyboard - msmvkeyb_toggle=off

Configure gsensor - gsensor_axis=2,1,3 - For Rhodiums

Sleep mode debug - pm.debug_mask=2 - Vibrates phone lightly after it exits deep sleep

Force RIL to CDMA for non-GSM Rhodiums - force_cdma=1

Physical Keyboard Layout Switches - physkeyboard=rhod400 - Sprint Keyboard - physkeyboard=rhod500 - Verizon Keyboard

Enable Hardward 3D - hw3d.force=1

Enable External Speaker - external.rhod_speaker=1 - Keep in mind this is for debugging

Enable Proximity Sensor - board-htcrhodium-proximity.on=1

Enable Wake on Proximity Sensor - board-htcrhodium-proximity.wake=1

Set Android directory - rel_path=directory - Set directory to where you are storing your installation

Turn off Low Battery Warning - htc_battery_smem.fake=1

Control In Call Sound (IN CALL ONLY) 
htc_hw.call_vol = x
x can be 0-5, 0 lowest and 5 loudest obviously. Default level is 5.

Overclock capabilities - acpuclock.oc_freq_khz=XXXXXX - Replace X's with frequency in Khz not Mhz.
You have to enter speeds in Khz though so
540672 = 528Mhz Stock speed
716800 = 700Mhz
786432 = 768Mhz Reported to be stable

Sleep Modes:  (pm.sleep_mode=) in the startup.txt
This is supposedly for topaz/rhodium that I found on the xda wiki:
* '4' will do "wait for interrupt", no change in arm11's clock or voltage
* '3' will do "wait for interrupt and ramp clock", the arm11's clock is lowered to 20MHz instead of 300-500, and voltage is lowered too.
* '2' will do "app sleep", arm11 is still on, but put into low power mode (registers are still saved)
* '1' and '0' will totally power off the arm11 (so we have to restore registers and things ourself), don't know the differences between them. Reply With Quote

I take no personal responsibility if these O/Cs damage your handset in any way!!  ;) 

Thanks to PPCG Cflynt for the extensive FAQ.  I have edited lots of text, but he saved me HOURS.  :)