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If there is a special place in your heard for that old beat up OS that keeps clunking along then this is the place for you!   I will keep all of the unsupported older file download links here for you that still prefer the dinosaur builds!  :)

Any of these packages can be taken and updated with the most recent kernel, rootfs, and initrd to keep the fixes as up to date as possible, just use the links on the Project Tracking page!

Cab Archive List:

Android 2.0.1 Eclair

Android 2.1 AOSP

Android 2.1 LaunchPro

Android 2.1 SenseUI

Rar Archive List:

Android 2.0.1 Eclair[MJG]Rhod.2.0.1.Eclair.061610.rar

Android 2.1 AOSP[MJG]Rhod.2.1.AOSP.061610.rar

Android 2.1 LaunchPro[MJG]Rhod.2.1LPext2.062310.rar

Android 2.1 SenseUI[MJG]Rhod.2.1.Sense.061610.rar