Project Android Rebuild:

On this page you can find all of my rebuilt easy to install Android packages.

My Android builds come from the AOSP kitchen of Stinedb and the XDAndroid Kernel Developers.   I try to keep my OS builds as up to date as possible with the repo.  This is the same build as the famous babijoee's build for the TP, thanks to him for teaching me how to cook!  :) 

This in NOT an emulator, nor is it a full ROM! Haret.exe closes down Windows, and boots Linux off of your Storage Card to launch Android. To boot back to WinMo all you need to do is reset your handset!

Informative Video by Psyopstt:     Android on Rhodium (Touch Pro 2, Tilt 2)
Another Info Video by MobileMiddleMen:  Full Tutorial on Rhodium TP2 Install

Instructions for .rar:
  1. Unzip
  2. Copy contents of .Rar to the ROOT of your SD card
  3. Explore to andboot/Haret, run & enjoy! (Want a start menu icon for the haret in this .rar package?
**  BLAZN Build: 2.2 Froyo  Black/Green/White Themed w/ Transparent Tray, and Overclocked.

Looking for an old familiar build of Android?  Check the Archive!

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Android v2.2 Froyo (FRX00B): 700MHz Overclock // Auto Memory Manager // ClockSync // BLAZN Theme w/ transparent notification tray // Bloatware Removed // LauncherPro Home // Start Menu Shortcut // WM Start-up Utility w/ Update Tool  Sep 28, 2010, 9:18 PM Matthew G
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