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funny free photo editing
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A small pond in Bushman Park
A small pond in Bushman Park
It's funny to me how different people see things differently. While Sarah and I are both artists, I still view things in the light of how I can turn a photo into something a little more artistic, while she looks for the shots which will best lend themselves to her oil paintings. She is right in that what looks good in a photo often doesn't translate well into a painting. However, I tend to view my photos as art, so the finished work isn't how it started in the first place! I like to make my photos exude the FEELING of the place, not just the look of it. Often, I've found my memories of a place are more brilliant and colorful than the photos seem to capture them as being. I guess we all tend to blow things a little out of proportion when it comes to happy memories, and if there's one thing I hate, it's looking back at those memories through a pic and being disappointed by washed out colors, or less than magical compositions! So, my photos will usually look the way I remember a place to be- the way it looked, and felt- the total experience. On one side of Bushman Park is a wooded area which trails back to a small lake behind a business park. Entering the area is like walking into a wide, meadow like path, and all along the sides are little "alcoves", each with its own vignette of beauty. This one, a small, stagnant pond, shaded through various colors of green, and really caught my attention. Below are other vignettes of Bushman Park. It's amazing how although the places can be very similar, they are also very unique to themselves. It's even more amazing that no matter how many times I go to a particular place, each time there are new images, all different from anything else I've captured before in the same place. It was fun to bring a friend along this time to share the experience! Hopefully, Sarah will come away with many beautiful paintings from our outing!
Free Pogo Rides - ComFest 2009
Free Pogo Rides - ComFest 2009
These guys were awesome! Free Pogo Rides and Megaphones for the Homeless They were actually letting people have free pogo rides, and offering $20 if you could go 50 bounces in a row without falling off. Not sure if the latter was a joke or not, but it was pretty funny! And, yes, the megaphone totally worked. Important note: His shirt, obviously, did not use the word "tuck" with a T. I edited it, so that young kids could see the photograph. Although I'm not sure which Internet-savvy kid won't know exactly what the shirt says, but I can assure you, it didn't say "TUCK" when I photographed it.

funny free photo editing