Photo Frame Deluxe: Home Screen Widget

The Photo Frame Widget that SHOULD have Come with Android!

Change Log

 v 0.1 Initial Release 11/30/09
 v 0.1.1 Bug Fix:
Adjusted code to prevent F/C
 v 0.1.2 Bug Fix:
Reworked display logic to get better performance. Improved phone compatibility
 v 0.2 Feature Addition:
Added an additional widget size: Small - 2x2
 v 0.3 Feature Addition:
Added Picture Frames!!! (3: Wood, Aluminum, White)
UI enhancements (Image Gallery View)
 v 0.4 Feature Addition:
Added Auto Timer - Photo Switch
Added Random Mode
UI enhancements
Bug Fix:
When controls removed and on last photo in folder, the picture advanced.
 v 0.4.1 Bug Fix:
Widget now loads correctly after phone restart
Default picture displays correctly
Frame/Photo positioning now implemented correctly
Feature Addition:
Auto Crop Mode (Optimally Crops Photos)
UI Enhancements
v 0.4.2/3 Bug Fix:
Fixed Force Close on specific aspect ratio

For comments, questions, or bugs please email me at:

To Download App:
Scan Code using the Barcode Scanner App, 
or search for "Photo Frame Deluxe" 

  • The photo frame deluxe is a picture frame widget for the android home screen. The widget displays a full screen image from any folder on your sdcard. There are hideable popup controls to allow it to easily go from one photo to the next without leaving the home screen. Each photo can be customized with one of the multiple included picture frames in the program.  
  • Autocrop - Automatically crop each photo to the ideal size for the screen
  • Shuffle Mode - Shuffle the order of the photos being displayed
  • Timer Mode - Have the widget automatically switch photos at user set time
  • Frames - Choose from an ever expanding selection of frames
  • Sizes - Full screen and smaller size for any home screen situation

To Setup:
  • Long click on the home screen to bring up the Home Screen Menu

    • Click on "Widgets"

    • Select either "Photo Frame Deluxe Large" or "Photo Frame Deluxe Small" widget

  • Click the "Select Folder" button to select a folder on your sdcard that contains the photos that you want to display on the photo frame

    • Navigate to the folder that you want by clicking on the folder names. 

    • Select an image on the bottom to select the first photo displayed

    • When the "Current Folder" is the one that you want click the "Select Folder" button to use the folder, otherwise click the "Cancel" button to go back a screen without selecting a folder.

  • Chose any other options that you want to use with the widget.

  • Press the OK button to open the widget with the select folder.

  • The controls will start active. To hide them click the picture, and click it again to show them.

  • Press the forward and backward button to move through the photos in the folder. 

  • Press the center gear button to configure the widget or select a different folder.

Coming Soon:  
  • More photo frames 
  • Manual Cropping Ability
  • Performance increases