Google site is no longer used

posted Feb 19, 2012, 10:07 PM by Roman Birg

The Google site has served its purpose and is no longer used.

Please find all the newest builds at the AOKP site.

Build 23

posted Feb 12, 2012, 9:55 PM by Roman Birg

Ahoy! A new build arives. New Gapps are available. No wipe required!

Some cool new things with this release!
  • Added a quick-torch! (Enable in RC > Lockscreen first!) 
    • While your phone screen is off, you can long-press the power button and the torch will automagically turn on. Let go and it will turn off :)
    • Zaphod-Beeble is the man behind this one, thank him.
  • Added end call button to notification bar while in call (Also Zaphod-Beeble!)
  • Added ability to add ROM Control shortcuts to your desktop (Long press desktop > Shortcuts)
  • Power Menu should update instantly now with the options of your choosing (sometimes it did not update instantly)
  • Updated scrolling-cache code 
  • Should've fixed clock not updating for realz this time.
  • Fixed weather location not being checked properly in RC
  • tablets: Added weather display 
  • tablets: Added clock options
  • tablets: should display "Reboot tablet" now instead of phone
  • tablets: enabled more keys on keyboard
"Officially" added the following devices!
  • HTC Incredible
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" (Verizon model for now)

New AOKP Site

posted Feb 9, 2012, 8:47 AM by Roman Birg

Well, it's mainly just a forum for now, but it should be easier to keep track of things. It will take over the function of this website, eventually.

Phone fix for Milestone 3

posted Feb 8, 2012, 7:32 AM by Roman Birg

So we know some of you might be staying on Milestone 3 for a while. Zaphod-Beeble has been kind enough to create a flashable to fix the phone layout issues on M3.

Download and flash this and you should be good to go.

Build 22

posted Feb 7, 2012, 11:36 PM by Roman Birg   [ updated Feb 8, 2012, 7:11 AM ]

Important: New Gapps package is bare, so there is no legal trouble for anyone. Please do not ask us to include any extra apps. A wipe is required. I'm sorry if it's missing some apps not available in your country via the Market, but that's the exact reason we cannot include them in the package. This means Google Wallet is no longer included in. It will still work, but you must add it yourself. Thanks for your understanding. 

Build 22 is still 4.0.3. Every single build and milestone is built directly from source. As such, we must wait for Google to release sources for 4.0.4. After that, we'll be working day and night to merge the new changes and bring you the latest!

  • Toggles on by default, disabled auto-hide by default
  • Added a hide USB debugging icon toggle
  • Added power key shutter for camera (Daneesh)
  • Added 'Always show lockscreen battery %' toggle (syaoran12)
  • Added option to disable scrolling cache (pawitp, AndroidON)
  • Added ability to slide statusbar to change brightness (Danesh)
  • Removed off state of alternate toggles (they're always white now, so it's easier to see)
  • Updated brightness slider code to be consistent with brightness changes
  • Updated sync toggle to keep it's state updated
  • Initial implementation of weather display (currently ONLY available above your carrier text in the drop down, more to come later)
  • Added ability to set custom DPI
  • Fixed weird phone layouts
  • Long click on a link now allows you to choose between opening in incognito/regular tab (Danesh)
  • Added a "Link mute states" check box in volume settings in case you don't want your notifications being muted when putting your phone in mute
Device specific changes:
  • toro: updated binaries with 4.0.4 leak
  • toro & maguro: reverted to stock auto-brightness settings for now

New devices "supported":
  • Motorola Xoom (stingray and wingray)
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1" - Verizon (p4vzw) and 3G (p4) variants
Please send feedback on what works/doesn't work in these builds. Be descriptive as possible. Don't report bugs from these newly added devices to the bug tracker yet. 

Head on over to the builds and get your build 22 and new gapps!

Milestone 3

posted Jan 30, 2012, 11:24 PM by Roman Birg   [ updated Jan 30, 2012, 11:32 PM ]

The long awaited Milestone 3 is here! We tried to squash as many bugs as we could in this release and really give it that "Milestone" feel. If any bugs should be discovered that are semi-serious there will likely be a follow-up M3.1 release or something of the sort. 

There's also a bunch of goodies in M3 not available in build 21! Check out the change log:
  • Added LCD density switcher to ROM Control
  • Added quick pin unlock (source)
  • Added two new battery styles -- CircleMOD and Text (sethyx)
  • Added a 'Reset Nav Bar' button to RC which will reset your color and opacity to default settings (as some of you requested)
  • Added ability to change ROM Control language to English if you're using another language
  • Added HDPI/MDPI toggle images, so they should show up correctly on tablets/Nexus S phones
  • Added a toggle toggle for tablets (and removed a few redundant settings)
  • Added ability to unlink ringtone and notification volumes (!!!)
  • Added white SMS Icon back to lockscreen (goes to stock Mms for now, will be configurable later)
  • Added link to T9 settings (so you can disable T9 if it freezes for you)
  • Added new phone options - Zaphod-Beeble!
    • Enable landscape
    • Status bar while in call
    • Exit to home (actually exists to most recent activity)
    • Disable lights out on nav bar
  • Removed hide nav bar function for now (it was causing unresponsive screen on incoming phone calls)
  • Fixed RC icon sizes
  • Fixed lockscreen icons not being set properly by default
  • Fixed wrong string for Emergency dialer on setup screen (#intent blah blah)
  • Fixed Power Saver being grayed on in RC even after enabling it
  • Fixed volume music controls conflicting with apps that take over volume button
  • Fixed landscape lockscreen layout
  • Fixed default toggles having Data (removed for devices that don't have data)
  • Fixed lockscreen rotation setting overriding system-wide rotation setting (system-rotation takes priority)
Remember, make a nandroid, flash M3, flash gapps, enjoy. Problems? Restore your nandroid or wipe /data. Be sure to read the FAQ linked on the left.

If you're coming from Milestone 2, you'll need to do a full wipe. No exceptions.

We really pounded the butter into this one. Be sure to thank all the contributors involved!

build 21

posted Jan 26, 2012, 6:37 PM by Roman Birg   [ updated Jan 26, 2012, 8:02 PM ]

change log
  • quad lockscreen now uses awesome layout from b19
  • slight ROM Control overhaul -- new icons from kwesley snipes and included some descriptions
  • added ability to change nav bar button transparency
  • added ability to change nav bar glow animation time (quick glow mod as some people call it)
  • added option for large menu button (originally seen in RootzBoat, thanks xoomdev!)
    • you can also remove the original menu buttons on the left/right, be sure to do that, it's in Menu location
  • nav buttons should space out better on higher LCD densities, while still looking good on stock (also sizes now same as stock)
  • should have fixed the hide nav bar option (let me know if it's still broken, works great for me)
  • lockscreen should be quick again
  • lockscreen will have default camera/unlock shortcuts IF YOU HAVENT SET THEM BEFORE
  • fixed nasty volume bug some people were experiencing -- also improved stability of hold to skip while screen off (won't wake your screen anymore)
  • horizontal task switcher layout updated
  • Power Saver shouldn't touch anything while you're on a phone call now
  • misc fixes (clock not updating, hopefully, battery bar disappearing in nav bar, etc)
  • using CM squisher with build now, adds about 21024 the amount of butter we had previously
    • optimizes all APKs/images
  • enabled full hardware acceleration in galaxy nexus builds to fix quardrantlololololololol
  • updated Contacts app (including all latest T9 fixes from CM)
  • updated Nova Launcher to b13
  • tablets: including Trebuchet launcher instead of Nova for you guys
  • p4wifi: removed device assert when compiling from source (easier for me, easier for you)
That's it I think! Grab yours from the builds section to the left!

build 20

posted Jan 23, 2012, 9:35 PM by Roman Birg   [ updated Jan 24, 2012, 2:02 AM ]

change log
  • new customizable lockscreen shortcuts
    • pick your apps/shortcuts from ROM Control
    • shows app icon on lockscreen
  • long press on toggles to bring up settings menu (on the buttons, not text)
  • new on/off icons for toggles/correctly spaced
  • battery bar revamp
    • animations while charging
    • mirrored-center style for OCD folks
    • ability to place it on your nav bar
  • WebOS recents window toggle
  • fixed volume wake and volume skip controls not playing to gether nicely
  • ROM Control app revamped for tablets (no real affect for phones, but it looks nicer!)
  • init.d scripts removed (init.d support still there)
  • increased stock browser tab limit to 64
  • added ability to disable boot animation
  • added ability to disable bugmailer
Download it in the builds section. Remember to flash gapps!

after flashing build 20, you need to go into lockscreen settings and set an app for your second lockscreen icon or you'll only have the unlock icon!

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