Incubating an Android in Delft 

An elevator pitch for YES!Delft's High-tech Entrepreneurship week

First, what is this about? It’s about extending Apache Tuscany, an open-source project of the Apache Software Foundation, to Allow Google Android applications to easily consume business services. This will enable users to mix and match services on Android like email, blogs, news, maps and location based services.

To incubate this Android, first you take a highly motivated student and aspiring high-tech entrepreneur from Guatemala (that’s me) and you give him a scholarship so he can come to study in Delft. Then you give him a computer, preferably a MacBook from Apple, and a book so that he can learn to program in Java. 

Then, you set him free in an inspiring environment where he can get involved in exciting activities, attend stimulating lectures and meet all sorts of new and interesting people.  

Finally, you accept his application for the Google Summer of Code program and you allow him to tell others about his project through an elevator pitch! 

I see very exciting opportunities in mobile Internet services. My first step is incubating an Android in Delft, then I will look for innovative ways of using it and hopefully in the near future maybe even start a company around this exciting proposition!