GDict - Step by step

 A project of Luong Ngoc Hoang and Nguyen Hoang Dang Nguyen at FIT-HCMUNS

Step 1: Download the GDict.apk and some dictionary files. Extracting each dictionary .zip file, you will get four (04) files: .idx, .idx3 , and a .BAT file.


Step 2: Install GDict.apk on the Android Emulator. Please read the instruction at this link:


Step 3: Run the GDict application. If successful, you will get the following announcement: "There is no dictionary yet! Please copy all the files of dictionary sets into the dictionary folder /data/data/khtn.hoangnguyen.luanvan.gdict/dictData/"

Step 4: Now, please run the BAT file to copy dictionary files to Android Emulator. Remember to keep the BAT file at the same folder with the other three dictionary files. Each dictionary needs a set of three files .idx, .idx3 and

Step 5: Close the Android Emulator.

Step 6: Please run the Android Emulator again.

Step 7: Please download the two file micross.ttf and font.BAT. Put two files in the same folder and then, run the font.BAT file to copy the font file to Android Emulator. We need the font file micross.ttf in order to display Vietnamese and many other special characters.

Step 8: Run the GDict application again. Now, GDict is ready to be used! 


Please let us know your opinions about GDict. All comments will help us to make it better. Contact us at Thank you!