Android - GDict 

A project of Luong Ngoc Hoang and Nguyen Hoang Dang Nguyen at FIT-HCMUNS 

Hello world! We are Hoang and Nguyen. Welcome to the homepage of our GDict project. GDict is a mobile bilingual dictionary software for the Android platform. It is our final project at University of Natural Sciences - Ho Chi Minh City. We have not finished all the implementation yet, but most of the basic features have been done. The completed version will be released at the end of July 2008. We yearn to know users' opinions about GDict. So, please download GDict and other necessary files, use it, and tell us what you think about GDict: is it good? which features are not satisfying? when does it cause any exceptions, errors or bugs? Do you have any suggestions to make it better? ... All comments will help us a great deal to improve GDict. Please contact us at



  • We are particularly grateful to Mr. Nguyen Tan Tran Minh Khang and Mr. Bui Tan Loc at HCMUNS. They have been giving us ideas, technical advice and encouragement throughout the project.
  • We would like to thank Mr. Ho Ngoc Duc. Hadn't it been for his dictionary databases and TuDienHND source code to read dictzip file, we couldn't have completed GDict.
  • Last but not least, we would like to thank Horst Eyermann, Michael Bunk and many other members at FreeDict. They have created great bilingual dictionaries which we use in our project.





Android SDKLink
English - Vietnamese (eng-vie)Download[1]
Vietnamese - English (vie-eng)Download[1]
French - Vietnamese (fra-vie)Download[1]
Vietnamese - French (vie-fra)Download[1]
German - Vietnamese (deu-vie)Download[1]
Vietnamese - German (vie-deu)Download[1]
English - German (eng-deu)Download[2]
German - English (deu-eng)Download[2]
English - French (eng-fra)Download[2]
French - English (fra-eng)Download[2]

[0]: Because we have not finished the project yet, we can only upload the .apk file.