Welcome to DroidCraft

DroidCraft is an Android survival / crafting game inspired by Minecraft. Explore randomly generated fields, forests and caves. Mine resources and craft food, shelter and weapons to stay alive! Also be sure to check out the sequel DroidHaunt, also available on the Market! :-)

It is currently available on the Market. Here are the AppBrain links:

DroidCraft FREE

Special thanks to Joshua Caleb (author of Warped & Wired) for making the sweet graphics and sound effects! Sound effects were gathered from http://www.freesound.org, while graphics were gathered from http://charas-project.net/.

Please support my game by purchasing it and not pirating it! If you want the full thing, it is only $1.99... I'm not rich and I'm not using crazy copy protection. Thank you!

Also check out my latest game: 3079, a futuristic open-world 3D game!

Please e-mail me questions and comments to "phr00t @ gmail [dot] com"

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