EMEA Android Developer Lab - Optimizing Tablet Applications

In this series of labs, we'll guide you through best practices to build high-quality applications for tablets running Android.  Specifically, we'll be talking about how to design your user interface taking advantage of the tablet screen size and how to migrate your applications designed from mobile phones to tablets.

Please note, this event is for experienced Android developer with existing applications in Android Market.   In order to process your registration, we require you to include the package name of your best application currently published in Android Market.  

Visit the individual event pages to register. Seating is limited, not all registrants will be confirmed attendees.  Confirmation emails will be delivered up to 48 hrs before the event.

 Berlin, Germany  September 28 & 29 Registration closed
 London, UK  October 3 & 5, 2011
Registration closed
 Paris, France  October 27 & 28, 2011 Registration closed