Android Developer Labs are being held at locations across the globe during February and March 2010. Developers wishing to attend these events must register online. Space is limited, so please wait for an email confirmation after you've been registered.

Registration is now closed.

Upcoming Sessions

North America

DateLocation Time * Status
 Feb. 4, 2010 Austin, Texas, USA  5pm-9pm Registration Closed
 Feb. 8, 2010 Seattle, Washington, USA  2pm-6pm Registration Closed
 Feb. 8, 2010 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
 2pm-6pm Registration Closed
 Feb. 9, 2010 Washington D.C., USA  2pm-6pm Registration Closed
 Feb. 10, 2010 Mountain View, California, USA  2pm-6pm Registration Closed
 Feb. 11, 2010 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA  2pm-6pm Registration Closed
 Feb. 12, 2010 New York, New York, USA  2pm-6pm Registration Closed


DateLocation Time * Status
 Feb. 2, 2010 London, UK 9am-1pm Registration Closed
 Feb. 8, 2010 Paris, France  2pm-6pm Registration Closed
 Feb. 10, 2010 Berlin, Germany 2pm-6pm Registration Closed
 Feb. 12, 2010 Zurich, Switzerland 2pm-6pm Registration Closed
 Feb. 13, 2010             Madrid, Spain 10am-2pm Registration Closed


DateLocation Time * Status
 Feb. 28, 2010 Singapore (w/ CodeAndroid)
 2pm-6pm Registration Closed
 March 3, 2010 Taipei, Taiwan 12:30-4:30pm Registration Closed
 March 5, 2010 Hong Kong  1pm-5pm Registration Closed

* Exact times are subject to change. Registered attendees will receive detailed agendas and final times in their confirmation emails. 

Other Events

Our advocates will also be stopping by and speaking at a few local user group hosted events. Register with the host organization to reserve a spot. 

 Date             Location Time Status
 Feb. 4, 2010 Stockholm, Sweden 5:30-8:30pm Registration Closed
 Feb. 5, 2010 London, UK 6pm-10pm Registration Closed
 Feb. 6, 2010 Chicago, Illinois, USA 9am-5pm Registration Closed