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US Constitution rebuild?

posted Feb 16, 2012, 9:34 AM by Ken Hunt
One of these days I am going to rebuild the constitution app. If you could see the code you would gag. I my defense it was my first app, and I built it to learn Android -- I wanted something non-trivial, but not difficult either...mission accomplished! The problem is I did things in this app that make no freckin' sense and now I'm kinda stuck. I've painted myself into a programmatic corner and the only way out is the tare the house down and repaint it right. *IF* I do it will be great...I'll not only have a better app, but I can start doing other reference apps I've been thinking about.

So, as soon as I can overcome Newtons first law, I'll knock out a new constitution, a new fed papers, an anti-fed papers, maybe state constitutions, the sky is the limit!