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Things I'm working on for RFST v2.4.2 part deux

posted Mar 5, 2012, 9:18 AM by Ken Hunt   [ updated Mar 5, 2012, 9:37 AM ]
Much headway has been made in the app! I finally got the Text-To_Speech (TTS) feature working and tested it out over the weekend. It works brilliantly! It's my new favorite thing about the app now. I can do a drive (or walk) test and listen to a running commentary on handoffs, signal strengths, technology types and more. I don't know why anyone but me would listen to that, but now you can!

So far it works in English (US & UK), French, German, and Italian. It's suppose to do Chinese, but doesn't say whether it's Mandarin or Cantonese (which may be why it doesn't work). The interesting thing is that it seems to translate my english text into whatever language is selected in the app. And this has no relation to the Locale set on the phone.

The other great discovery has been the Android ViewFlipper and SlidingDrawer. These let you show multiple views on a single activity. I've seen apps that had this and always wondered how they did it, now I know! I'm using this to display a "Drive mode" view which will show just signal strength, cell ID and technology all in oversized font. This will let the user see the reading easily while driving or whatever. I'm still working out how I want this controlled. 

Finally the new note feature is coming together nicely. I had to make a custom dialog (which was easier than I thought). The notes are inserted to the rssi records database. This will mean dropping rebuilding the database. The new database input and export was tricky because notes can have any kind of character in them, yet it has to be saved and read as a CSV file.

You can see the layout below:

Drive mode 1

Drive mode 2

RF Notes!