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Things I'm working on for RFST v2.4.2

posted Mar 1, 2012, 9:04 AM by Ken Hunt
Working on a few things...seem to be spinning my wheels on all. Here's a run down:
  • Report notes. A user suggested some way of inserting notes into the data as you record. Never thought of this although it seems like an obvious thing to have. Well, the front end is not a problem. Integrating that data into what I have may be tricky. I'm thinking of linking the CGI of the note with the CGI of the data record so that when I output or replay the data they appear in the right place. Maybe an info balloon on the record playback? Nice, but I never did that.
  • Drive mode display. This would be a bare bones display with just the signal strength shown in large font, maybe a color bar indicator. CGI in smaller font. This would have to be a whole new activity. I seriously need to start leaning about binding a service to an activity for this. A service is a background operation (in this case the phone state and gps monitors), and binding it would let the given activity read that data rather than doing that job. This would simplify the code drastically, but would mean a LOT of refactoring of said code.
  • Text To Speech (TTS)! This is another great idea from the same user (I feel like I'm stealing). Simple as it sounds, I would have the app speak the signal strength and anything else I think would matter. Joining this with the simplified display would be a great boon for drive-testers who are actually driving. Years of working on my VW Bug have taught me that hard things are easy, and easy things are hard, and this is no different. As easy as the code appears, to date, I cannot get it to work. AHHH!!