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Starting a "How To..."

posted Feb 16, 2012, 9:15 AM by Ken Hunt
Finally started the job of sharing with the world what I've learned about Android over these past two and a half years. I decided to start slow and give really basic tutorials on a proper GPS setup and how to get the basic phone parameters.

The GPS tutorial is really for me since I am still learning that one and the info I have gotten is sometimes confusing and incomplete. This page will be my standard and will be built upon as I learn more (I think I understand 90-95% of it, so there are still some things to learn).

The phone parameters tutorial comes out of being asked repeatedly for the code to RF Signal Tracker (which I'm not giving up, sorry...worked too hard on that and it's directly related to my day job). But there are many basics which are out there on the web, or things I have found, that are helpful to all. Mostly I did this to show people that the Android SDK does not show many help RF engineering related parameters. You only get the basics folks...here's how.