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RFST v2.5.3 - Google Analytics

posted Nov 20, 2012, 9:20 AM by Ken Hunt
Decided to put Google Analytics in the app. Now, this may freak the more paranoid users out (the idea that there is stuff tracking the app's usage), but it's is actually incredibly useful. It lets me see not only crashes and exceptions but usage -- I can see what is actually being used in the app, and what is not.

I wanted to add something else to the app as well -- I didn't just want to throw the addition of GA since it would scare more people. In fact, the whole fear of users revolting is what caused me to add an Opt-Out item in the preferences, so everything is cool and guilt free.

And the extra thing I added? Charts in the big picture! Now the big picture of the signal strength and data activity over time is shown. The only sticky point is the x-axis labels. How do you represent time for data that may have been measured at regular intervals, but spread out over days through multiple recordings? What I did was figure the average recording interval and multiply that by the length of data points on the chart's x-axis. Still needs work, but this will do.