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RFST v2.5.1

posted Oct 25, 2012, 2:56 PM by Ken Hunt
Well, after figuring out how to create my own View, it hit me that I could place that View anywhere. In this next release I am adding the XY line chart to the recorded data playback. This is a really wonderful addition allowing you to see the signal strength profile for your data in addition to the Map info. This chart, like the Chart tab, displays RF handoffs and technology changes. It will not show the legend in the upper left corner, or wifi data (that may change). 

As you can imagine the screen can get a little cluttered so I added a Menu option to turn the labels above and below the signal strength line off. The x-axis time scale is approximate. What I do is sample about 200 points and get an average time span between those points. I then calculate, roughly, the time scale. This is necessary because recorded data may or may not be on a fixed interval, and under standard recording the app only inserts data if you are actually moving.

And finally, I changed the sleep settings for the app. Before, the app's screen would dim (but not turn off) after a period of time. Now, the app will stay on full while in Map, Main, or Chart (any recording screen).