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    RFST v2.4.4 tweaks...

    posted Apr 19, 2012, 8:45 AM by Ken Hunt
    Completed a semi-minor update of RFST:

    - Darkened the sector coverage color...this is in the KML output file. So if you export to Google Earth, coverage zones show up better.

    - Minor adjustments to the voice notification timing. I found the signal strength and "no signal" updates a little too frequent, so I tweaked the times a little.

    - The map will not update below -102 dBm. This will improve performance when viewing the map by not demanding map tile updates when signal strength is at its worse. This was a little Catch-22 I never thought about until I found myself in a dead zone.

    - Fixed bug calling the last Tab used. Bottom line, it wasn't working.

    - And I finally figured out how to clear (wipe) coverage zones off the map immediately. It's so great when you discover how you own code works!